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Originally Posted by bama4256 View Post
Pirate Bob I think 14 is a little young to be thinking of sex or being taught about sex. It should be a law that the parents should start teaching their kids about sex.
Keith... come on. When you were 14, did you think of anything BESIDES sex? I mean, really?

While I certainly don't agree with the idea of reducing the age of consent to such a tender age (my girl would be only 9 years from lawful sex! AAHHHH!!! ) I think the idea simply follows a reality in our society, which is, frightfully, there are a bunch of kids screwing at younger ages than we like to consider on a daily basis. Your way of thinking (restrictive) has actually gone nowhere in the kids having sex regard. I think that's where Pirate Bob's idea stems from.

Or he's a Humbert Humbert who wishes he could act on his perverted desires without fear of the police coming to his house and castrating him automatically.
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