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Default Pro Bowl: Biggest snub and most undeserving?

Biggest Snub:
For me, the biggest Pro Bowl snub had to be Tom Brady. First off his stats are better than Rivers, and second off he is the undisputed leader of his team. The Patriots would not be a playoff contender without Brady under center. As for Rivers, the Chargers are clearly LT's team and I think there is at least 10 QBs who could run that offense proficiently.
Tom Brady + No Pro Bowl = Bad Joke :finger:

Most Undeserving:
I say the most undeserving player in the Pro Bowl had to be John Lynch. I mean there is no doubt he is a good leader on the field and a solid veteran player, but this is clearly the biggest reputation pick of the year. I mean the guys has 48 tackles, no picks, no sacks -- While a guy like Safety Kerry Rhodes from the Jets boasts 71 tackles with 4 picks and 4 sacks. It's ridiculous. :bash:

Runners up:
Biggest Snub - Terrell Owens (hate to say it but it's true):thumbup:
Undeserving - Roy Williams (Dallas Safety) :thumbdown:

Lets hear everyone elses thoughts?
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