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DETMURDS has a little shameless behavior in the past

Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I'm with Catman.

I know some people may find this to be impossible but I will say it anyway. I am AGAINST abortion, yet still pro-choice. The thought of abortion is sickening to me, and I think abortion is almost always the wrong decision. However I think the decision should ultimately be made by the mother.

On this issue I really see no conflict. I know some of the "super pro-choice" people will be opposed to such measures, but in my opinion, it is ultimately a good thing.

If we really want to slow down and ultimately stop abortion in this country we need to work on educating the youth about safe sex. If enough people start practicing safe sex, abortion clinics will close their doors, due to lack of business.
Good post CKFresh, however I still feel that the best time for pro-choice is before two start "bumping uglies".

Today's society is one that has people wanting to escape from the outcome of the choices they made in the first place. I just wish more would show that they are more responsible.
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