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They didn't put that provision into the new law; apparently this has always been the law in South Dakota (and probably other states as well).

But a long time ago, abortion actually was treated legally as murder, this fact graphically demonstrated by two non-fiction movies: They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, the last scene of which consisted of both an abortionist and the woman he operated on (played by Jane Fonda!) being executed in the gas chamber in Califiornia in 1935 - and Blood and Orchids, set in 1937 Hawaii, in which a young, married socialite gets pregnant by a Navy officer (not her husband), who then hatches a plot to frame four teenage Hawaiian boys for "raping" her (in the film's most dramatic scene, the husband pulls out a gun in the courtroom at the rape trial and shoots one of the boys to death), after which she is allowed to abort the fetus; the movie ends with the woman hanging herself in her bedroom to avoid at least a very long prison term (after a determined police detective, played by Kris Kristofferson, unravels the whole thing) - if not the death penalty, which was not abolished in Hawaii until it became a state in 1959 (interestingly, the Japanese-American doctor who performed the abortion got no penalty at all, because he had been "tricked" into doing it by the frame plot, rape being a permissible exception under the then-existing law).

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