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i agree with the mush, the new bcs rankins discust me. not only do i disagree with the fact that Michigan is the #2 team in the country, but in entertainment value i do not want to see 2 teams that play each other every year from the same confernce play each other. All big fans know the best matchup would be SEC vs. Ohio State that is the big argument, let the SEC prove it's confernce hardens its teams to be able to beat anyone else.

Florida vs. Ohio State is the game I want to see. If I was making the bowls this is how I would make them.

Assuming Notre Dame defeats USC, and Florida defeats arkansas

National Championship Game
Ohio State vs. Florida

Rose Bowl
Michigan vs. Arkansas
Fiesta Bowl
Nebraska vs. Boise State

Orange Bowl
Boston College vs. USC

Sugar Bowl
Notre Dame vs. Louisville

bring on the Trojans, Longhorns too!
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