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Default Culpepper or Tiger...Whose the Biggest BABY

Daunte Culpepper and Tiger Woods got on my nerves so bad on Sunday. First, Culpepper blames Moss for his errant passes. Then Tiger has to point out that another person took his picture. Then even brings it up in his post game comments.:redhot:

Hey Daunte, team sport my man. Your fault more than Moss if you ask me. Unless you put the pass on the money, you have no one else to blame. Moss is your best teammate you have, and he is ya'lls only chance of having a winning season. You are overrated, and so was Brad Johnson and Randal Cunningham when they were in Minnesota throwing to Moss and Company.

Hey Tiger, people are allowed to go see you guys play golf. I know you wished nobody could come, but they can, deal with it. You are the most popular golfer on the tour, and naturally people are going to want to see you. I for one could care less. Your attitude makes your god given talent, look bad. Don't make excuses, and start practicing your shot with flash bulbs around.
Goodbye Tom Glavine, Sorry Mets. GO BRAVES!!!
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