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I really don't care if Tiger wins or loses, because your right I'm not that big of a golfing fan. If I started breaking down the sport of golf and its players then I would have to be corrected a lot.

However, I was just steamed at Tiger and Daunte getting mad in public the way they did and had a finger to point in the process. Noticed I only picked out Culpepper, no other QB's. I guess the way your making your point, someone else can come in here and say, hey you don't know quarterbacks, they all gripe at their receivers, why are you just pointing out Daunte. This has nothing to do with other people in the same field as these two. It just so happend that these two was on every sports channel in America Sunday Evening, so I was assuming everyone would know the incidents I was talking about. If my local college golfing team Georgia Tech has a player to go haywire, then I wouldn't bother posting in here because I know most people would not know about it.

Maybe I am missing something here. Maybe I said something that I shouldn't have said. Let's just wipe the slate clean and for the record my position is that Daunte and Tiger did things that I hate on Sunday. Maybe other people do, do it. It just makes me mad about Daunte because he is playing a team sport and doesn't want to take any blame whatsoever. That is the way I take it.

As for Tiger, same thing pretty much. Yes, I agree he is under the microscope and anything he does is magnified. Just like his stance on the women at the Masters. He doesn't care if women or there or not, he just doesn't think he has to stand up for it. I agree with him totally and back him on that. I think he has a spoiled type attitude when it comes to his golfing game. He is a black golfer doing well so that makes it an uphill battle right there. Now his attitude that gets showed on ESPN all the time just hurts his cause. He is the best golfer out there and is compared to MJ alot. The only bad thing about MJ I have ever heard in his early playing days was the gambling problem. That's not a big deal if you ask me, he's got it to blow. Tiger has many reasons of why I choose to root against him. Its the shoving of fans and the constant griping of photogaphers. Winners don't make excuses, they accept what happend and go on.
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