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Originally posted by #99
Still, they only lost by ten in the end at New England. To me, that signals there is a beat of hope ahead this season. Particularly if Norv "I looked like I needed to take a huge dump all night" Turner can instill any semblance of discipline.

The pass defense won't show up all year, guys. You all know that. This team will be winning shootouts, if anything.
I'm going to second the notion that the Raiders are in okay shape. It'd be nice if a defense magically showed up in Silver and Black, but all they need is for the o-line to avoid penalties and run-block a bit better. Do that and they'll be 9-7 and Kerry Collins will be an MVP candidate.

(No, I'm not kidding. Sprinkle in something resembling a running game and Collins will throw for 300 yards at least 10 times this season. Especially since the Raiders' D will get burned as quickly as possible to bring the O back on the field.)

And everyone's right to laugh at the Raiders' D. I swore i saw my man Ahmad Carroll out there twice last night, apparently using the pseudonyms "Routt" and "Washington".
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