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Default Worst calls in a game ever.

This game reminded me of game 7 of sacramento and the lakers to see who goes to obviously beat the nets and the lakers got the weakest calls ever. And this game was hand fed to the steelers and the fact that it was close proves that the steelers didnt deserve to win it.

1) Seahawks touchdown gets reversed because tapped the defender ive never seen such a weak touch called offensive pass interference.

2) Big Ben's TD should not of gone through even the Sports Center hosts agree about that call. And when they went to review they said the call on the field stands. When they infact should of said there is inconclusive evidence so we cannot change the play. There was no doubt in the refs mind that they were gonna let the steelers get a field goal.

3) The touchdown pass from hasselback and the guy kicked the marker in the endzone same thing happened with vick but vick got the TD what a shock that the seahawks got jewed.

4) The horse coller on Shawn Alexander must of never happened and now its legal I guess. I mean give me a break.

5) The 2 holdings penaltys against the seahawks whenever they returned a punt or a kickoff to the 50 or 40 and they wound up at the 15. How could a team win with these bull**** calls?

6) Last but not least just to show us the refs were on the steelers side after the into hasselback jumps to tackle the man who intercepted the ball and hasselback gets charged with a penalty for illegal takeling or some crap.

Let me just say wow at the worst superbowl ever. And im a steelers fan but they didnt win it by themselves they had some extra help. Every time I watch a superbowl it turns into crap the refs handed the steelers the game obviously because it was supposedly a cinderella story with the bus winning his superbowl on his last season just like John Elway.
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