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Actually yes Marc I have seen him play several times and the last person I listen to when it comes to judging players is Mel Kiper. I have nothing personal against Kiper but he has absolutely no background of ever playing football. If you have noticed over the years Kiper is the Butt of many jokes among pro football personnel. He rose to his position thru good fortune and ESPN, not his experience playing football.

As for judging a QB's. The most important aspect a QB brings to the table is his ability ro read defenses and master the complexities of a playbook(something Kiper would know nothing about, he never played even college football). He needs to be able to get his team out of huddle and to the line of scrimmage with time to be able to make pre snap reads, thus being able to audible. A QB has to have the ability to recognize a false zone or a cover 2 or man to man drops at the snap of the ball.

There are tons of QB's who have guns for arms or are great atheletes, but the ones who make it at the next level are the ones who can play with there heads first. And if Lorenzen was even close to being that good, he would have figured out how to lead KY to at least a couple more victories then he has. His stats are padded because he generally is always playing from behind and when teams get you behind they usually play soft zones(which are easy to throw against) until you reach the red zone.

I have seen Lorezen play and I do not think he has the ability to get to his second read very often and never his third read. NFL QB's have to be able to do this.

Now if someone like Herbstriet says he can play in the NFL then maybe I'll pay attention, but Kiper, no.
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