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Originally posted by Brian
This is not a good move by Gretzky. I think he can be a good coach because of his knowledge of the game, but he won't have any success in Phoenix. They'll never be a strong market.
I think what you're failing to realize, Brian, is that in this new NHL - one of collective bargaining and salary caps - there is no longer such a thing as a small or big market team. Pittsburgh and their signings is indisputable proof of that. The same can be said of Phoenix, who, as Pimpbot noted, have built themselves into a legitimate team. Hull and CuJo are up in years, but they're still effective. The 'Yotes also have a lot of young talent -- Kolonos, Mara -- that will only benefit from the veteran additions. As for Gretzky, I think putting him behind the bench is a great move.

Forget this coaching histories of guys like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in this case. Neither was the icon to their sport that Gretzky is to hockey. The same can be said of anyone in any sport with the acception Babe Ruth - a single figure responsible for their sport's erruption in popularity. What Gretz doesn't know about the game, nobody does and here's the thing: every single player on that team will be out to impress him. Without a doubt, every single one of them. Because they know who he is. They grew up idolizing him, some are friends with him (probably only Hull, in this instance), but they're all going balls-to-the-wall for him this year. You can be sure of that.

I lived in Phoenix for 18 years. Like Pimpbot said, that city pays attention to a winner and the Coyotes should be playoff-bound this year.
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