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I usually don't vote straight party lines, and although I am a registered Republican, I voted this morning for incumbent democrat Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate over that icky shrew Katherine Harris.

Just a story about Harris (yes THAT Harris of the controversial 2000 presidential election) I have met her several times, but one of the last times was in August 2004 after Hurricane Charley hit our area. Now let me tell you, the town I worked in at the time was absolutely devastated - houses and commercial buildings destroyed, huge, stately oak trees splintered and in the middle of roads, no power, no water, you get the picture. I show up at my bank to help out, everyone is in jeans and t-shirts, giving out supplies and water, and here is Harris, wearing a business suit, full makeup, shaking hands, politicing!!! I felt like telling her: "B***h, time to help your constituents, get your hands dirty & get to work!"
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