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With Howard though, there's the whole thing about Howard's relationship with the city. He's without question the franchise player so a deal was going to get done. Plus he could have used arbitration as a baseline for salary while Dunn basically lucked out by being a free agent in the worst economic climate in twenty years. I mean, if Dunn was a free agent last year he probably wouldn't gotten at least $12 million. Not saying he get $12 milllion, but the market seriously soured for all the but the very very best free agents.

I don't think it's a great deal (frankly I think Philly ****ed up by selecting Amaro over Arbuckle as GM, but that's a different story) in terms of value but it's only three years, rewards Howard for his earlier years and is generally good news for the team.

And batting with RISP isn't something that should be solely credited to Howard. Rollins and Utley, two of the best 1-2 hitters in baseball and speed threats, along with the pitchers facing Howard with RISP are also factors.

Besides, having RISP is a situation that's for the most part out of Howard's hands. I think it's safe to say Howard is one of the best players to have bat with RISP but conversely this is a guy who hit .196 with the bases empty.

Anyway... going back on topic. I didn't really think of Larkin too much as a HOF but the more I do the more I'm thinking yes. Also, considering that voters are rewarding people (i.e. Jim Rice) who probably didn't steroids... that's going to help Larkin. His clean numbers (and let's assume he's clean because there's no reason to assume he did anything) will stand out compared to guys in the steroid era.
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