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I have stated that I don't care for these comparisons, but here is a question. Down in Houston David Carr has an awful offensive line, and he spends more time sacked than he does playing in the pocket. If Brady had Houston's offensive line, would he still look as good as he does?

Brady is a winning quarterback. I just think that if you are going to compare people, you should be comparing the Pat's O line to the 49er's O line. Neither qb got sacked a whole heck of a lot.

Now both guys have that little something extra when you give them time in the pocket. With the system they have in foxboro, other qbs could be as successful. I am not knocking Brady. He still has to know when to throw, who to throw it to, how to throw it, and when to tuck tail and run. His skills are uncanny. He does things you cannot teach. He has at least three more superbowl to play in maybe more.

In time I won't have a problem calling him the greatest of all time. I am not a Brady fan, but I am a Joe Montana fan. Joe will always have a special place with me no matter what Tom does.
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