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This is some good stuff to ponder Brad. I see your stats about the 89-93 Bills ( which BTW, can't we include 88? ) and comparing them to the 84-89 Broncos ( I would slide 91 in there when the Broncos lost to the Bills 10-7 in the AFC Title Game, I know the 1990 Broncs were nothing to write home about). I just don't know I would say the Bills were "much better" than that Bronco team.

It is kinda cool to compare the teams with no rings though, like you said. And you're right Brad, you need to kind of prorate these things for eras. In the NBA, a title in the 80s would be equal to 2.5 titles in the 90s, kinda like that. Weird thing is trying to prorate in free agency though. Looking back on the 70s, just think of those Viking teams who consistantly played round robin with Dallas, Washington, and the Rams. Then, when they got passed those teams, they had to play Pittsburgh, Miami, or Oakland in the Super Bowl. Compare that to the Bills who beat nobody in their AFC Title games and lost to the Giants and Skins, who I am not too impressed with. Give credit to them for getting the snot beat out of them by Dallas though. I know, the first one was close til the 3rd quarter.

Anyway, I do like the outcome of Graham's Browns as #1 in your book. The HOF in Canton does a helluva job giving them their credit. Probably where I got to respect them, going there so much all these years.
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