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Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post

That's the first thing that blew my mind is that the guidance counselor walked up to her in study hall, sat across from her at the long table where she was sitting with a friend, proceeded to ask what where the scratches came from, then after being told commenced to tell her that another teacher saw them & was concerned that she was cutting herself & that's why the guidance counselor came "to see if she was alright". :redhot:

Welcome to my world where seeing beyond what's in front of you is a lost art. Notice I asked you about this right off the bat in my last post. This is just outrageous.

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
& get wife is giving me **** for being pissed. She claims that they have the 'experience' that I lack in dealing with this. WTF???

I learned about raising numerous kids when I helped my mom out & I know my daughter better than they ever will. Besides, this is just an indicator of having experience ****ing things up on their end & shouldn't be a high point on their 'resume'....

They can't teach themselves let alone me...

Common sense ain't so common as they say.

I'll comment as your post plays out cuz it has my views in it...
Two things here, and if you'll indulge me as I'm now going to give you some advice ...

1. The wife may be trying to calm you down as to not create an "incident" cuz the s-hit is out of control as is. You know this though if it's there. She is probably thinking of your daughter and how simply getting past this incident as quick as possible will benefit her the most.

2. HOWEVER (and you'll like this point :lol, since you aren't immune to cleaning up the s-hit of others when they are in the course of doing their "jobs" it simply comes natural to you want to set the record straight here on what the proper course of action will be down the road. IF your wife is serious about the "experience" angle...that probably isn't the best route to pull on an old dog like yourself.


Why? Cuz they bought a piece of paper from the university? Cuz they went to a professional day and watched a power-point on juvenile behavior?

Hell Tark, we got children teaching children in here. In the last few years I don't know who I want to punch in the face more: the kids or my "peers"...

You will know your daughter better than they ever will...true. Like I said, it was probably step #1 in code #64354 from the book implemented at the last professional day.

Cuz remember Tark, not only do we have to give so-called teachers jobs for slobbing thru college for 4 years...we gotta give administrators ones too.

God bless formal education! :thumbup:

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
The killer is that the alleged cuts didn't even break the skin but were just red abrasions from the wire. After she answered & then was told about a teacher being concerned is what freaked her out. Now she's concerned that she's being looked at in this light to the point that her friends, who now know the story since 1 of them was there, are all rallying to her side & saying that she doesn't act like someone who would do that.

Great, now there's the teenage drama mixed in with all her friends involved.

I don't care if they want to be extra 'cautious' & check things out but this bull in a china shop BS is why kids are ****ed up in the first place. Telling her the reason for asking was beyond stupidity. Hell, coming to the conclusion that some kind of half-assed partial intervention of sorts was the right move should have some school staff on the hot seat for their lack of knowledge & poor decision making skills.
And this is why I asked if they pulled her the very least. Cuz now we have an incident and the teenage brain lives off drama and innuendo.

Again, a simple case of making note of it would have done just fine. If any of these a-holes actually paid attention to educating these kids they would know your daughter's personality by now (middle of March) and wouldn't have even thought of acting in some way without a change in mood COMBINED with a set of marks.

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
She didn't realize anything when asked about the scratches, just thought it was conversation but then became alarmed when told about the other teacher's comments. That's where in her description she sounded a bit frazzled & pleading to get the counselor to believe her. Bull**** once again...
Not to toot my own horn...but I called this in my first post. Again, even though we were FAR from what I would deem necessary action all you have to do is make up s-hit to get 'em to tell you what you want in a non-threatening way. I've always found erasing a few grades in the grade book and then asking the kid to see me after class with their tests so I could fill the grades back in always worked. They aren't wise in the ways of the world. Then again, either are the idiot teachers nowadays. The kids don't think that you know anything when in reality...I know all. But you don't drop s-hit on 'em like this especially if it is a serious issue like possible cutting.

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
If they won't listen to you, they won't even acknowledge I have a pulse.
Oh no no Tark! I'm there for the fat paycheck my friend.

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
It's just a shame that it used to be so straight forward before assholes decided to act like it was some sort of rocket science. It's common sense, taking responsibility, & not trying to re-invent the ****in' wheel.
A wise man once said...

Ya know what I find most amusing is the more people try to describe the world today as more complex, busier, more stress ridden, etc., the more obvious it is that it's just gotten more simplified in it's laziness, lack of commitment, devoid of all ownership, crippled by technology, excuse making, etc. mentality...

Wonder who that was?

See Tark, you have to try and re-invent the wheel when you have no proper ownership/accountability cuz you've never worked for anything and thought on your own. That's why we are where we are in this world. It's the entitlement mindset.

In my world (and I suspect yours but I won't speak for ya ) it was do everything the right way/best way ya knew and then HOPE ya got something back in return.

You think these fools will go for that and "adults" alike?

Quick story: I'm in the office this afternoon before one of my classes doing paperwork (had an observer from Columbus in there ) and I noticed one of my girls walking to her car huffin' and puffin' the whole way before she got in the vehicle and flew off. I asked the front office assistant where she was going. Apparently the kiddies made a mess in the cafeteria and one of the teachers on duty in there wanted them to clean it up. Imagine that? Instead of cleaning it up, this girl called Daddy and explained the situation and that she was going home cuz she was "mistreated".

And THEY let it happen Tark. Where does that leave us? Where are the lines of authority/accountability/respect at?

Somewhere floating in outter space would be my guess. Hell, I don't know anymore. I just work there.

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