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Talking The Quiet Man

Entering into his 17th season in Major League Baseball for the 2002 season this player has quietly gone about doing his job quite well year after year. He began his baseball career with the Chicago Cubs. As we all know by now, the Chicago Cubs have traded away or allowed to get away some very good talent over the years. That is another story all together.

He began his distinguished career in major league baseball in 1986. As I stated earlier it was with the Chicago Cubs. I'm talking about future Hall of Fame first baseman, Rafael Palmeiro of the Texas Rangers. I'm really just assuming he will be a future Hall of Famer, but I believe his statistics will make a strong case for him once he is eligible to be voted into the Hall. That being five years after his major league baseball career ends.

Rafael Palmeiro really doesn't talk very much, but he speaks loudly with is bat. Currently, he has 455 career homeruns. He has 2,520 career hits. Will he reach 3,000 hits? Really don't know for sure, but he will get close. Palmeiro is 37 years old and really shows no signs of slowing down. He may be another Ricky Henderson, and play well into his 40's.

Palmeiro team, the Texas Rangers have not had much success since he came back to Texas in 1999 from the Baltimore Orioles. You can't blame Palmeiro at all for Texas' bad luck or bad decision making by the front office. Palmeiro does his job well everyday he is in the lineup.

In 1999 he was named Major League Player of the Year by the sporting magazine "The Sporting News" in a vote of major league players.

Since the 2002 season has begun he has hit eight homeruns and driven in 25 runs through 35 games. He is batting .265. Right now he has a .294 lifetime batting average. He's good from anywhere to 30 to 40 homeruns each season and usually drives in over 100 runs each season.

In 2001 he hit 47 homeruns with 123 RBI's. He batted .273. 2001 was the seventh consecutive season that Rafael hit at least 38 homeruns, tying Babe Ruth for the longest such streak in major league history.

In 2000 he hit 39 homeruns and drove in 120 runs. This man does nothing but produce. He also won his second consecutive and 3rd overall Rangers Player of the Year Award.

I suspose his best season was in 1999 with the Texas Rangers. That year he hit 47 homeruns, while driving in 148 runs and batting .324.

In 1998, which was his last season with the Baltimore Orioles, he hit 43 homeruns with 121 runs driven in. He batted .296 that year. I can't believe Baltimore let him get away, but that is also another story.

Like I stated earlier, he first played for Texas in 1989. Playing in 156 games he only hit eight homeruns with 64 RBI's and he batted .275. Not very productive, but he was still a youngster. He still had a lot to learn and he learned quickly.

In 1993, which would be his last season with Texas before being traded to Baltimore he hit 37 homeruns with 105 RBI's. He batted .295. He also scored the most runs of his career by having 124 runs scored. He hasn't matched that number or surpassed it again just yet.

He has 1,495 career RBI's so far and I think it is safe to say he will go over the 1,500 mark this season and beyond.

This quiet man has been selected to the All-Star team four times and has also won a Gold Glove Award a couple of times in his career.

He played in the postseason in 1997 with the Orioles and in 1999 with the Texas Rangers. He is 20-82 in the postseason. That's only a .244 average, but a lot of good players struggle in the postseason.

In closing, Rafael Palmeiro ranks in the top 100 in major league history in ten different offensive categories and is in the top 50 in six of them. Amazing! Barring any serious injuries, Palmeiro should hit over 500 homeruns in his career, and maybe even reach 2,000 RBI's for his career. Only time will tell us. One thing that I've learned about this man while studying his career, and his stats, is that I would select him as my first offensive player to play for my team if I had a team. But I don't. Draw your own conclusions. I think you will see what I'm talking about. See you at the game.

Written by Keith Thronson Mobile, Alabama
Keith "baseball nut" Thronson
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Thanks for the good read, Keith.
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I remember when Palmeiro won the Gold Glove two years ago (I think) and he was a DH almost all year, even though he still has the skill with the glove. That was ridiculous. But he is an awesome offensive force just like you said Keith. He should make it to the Hall eventually, I just think the combination of him being quiet and the offensive era we're in will hold him back just a bit.
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Thanks Marc. Hey another quiet guy that does his job everyday is chicago's Magglio Ordonez.
Keith "baseball nut" Thronson
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Any man who is confident enough to promote viagra despite being a well-known MLB player should make the Hall on that note alone.
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Raphael Palmiero is one of the best players that most fans have never heard of. He has put up numbers without having any fanfare and doesn't seem to care about it. It isn't a bad thing though. He has made some teammates much better.
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Rest in Peace, Buck. You were truly a giant among men.
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