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Post Sports Central Newsletter - #78 - MLB's Steroid Firestorm

The Sports Central Newsletter
June 2nd, 2002 - Issue #78

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- Words From the Editor 06.02.02
- Reader's Showcase (Sports Trivia)
- The Lancaster Report 06.02.02
- What's new at Sports Central?
- Marquee Matchups (MLB, NHL) 06.02.02



Hello folks,

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We've got Ross Lancaster's thoughts on the laughable steroid problem in Major League Baseball in his Lancaster Report as well as previews for the Stanley Cup finals and an upcoming baseball game between two battling division rivals. Feature article columnist Mike Round is a bit under the weather and is taking a well-deserved issue off, but look forward to his thoughts of wisdom in the next issue.

You'll also find a new feature we're launching Monday which will run three times a week and will have a satirical effect to it. Check out the site Monday evening for more details.

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By Ross Lancaster

In a week in sports in which we saw the opening of sport's greatest event and the NHL and NBA conference finals come to an amazing end, the biggest issue was a baseball topic that wasn't even on the field of play.

Of course, I am talking about the huge steroid firestorm. Earlier this week, former National League MVP Ken Caminiti admitted in an interview in Sports Illustrated to using performance-enhancing steroids during his MVP-winning season of 1996 and throughout his retirement from the game just last year. Caminiti's premonition that 50 percent of all major leaguers were on the juice came just a week after Jose Canseco proclaimed that 85% of all major leaguers were on steroids.

The fact that any major leaguers at all would tarnish the integrity of the game by taking such illegal and harmful substances speaks volumes to what this game has become. Even worse, is the factor that Major League Baseball basically allows steroids, while the law does not. However, the inclusion of steroid testing would benefit neither the players nor the owners. The players would get nothing out of the testing because then, the players would not put up the monster numbers, and, therefore, not getting multi-million dollar contracts. The owners would not benefit because the large offensive numbers contribute to their team's success, therefore putting more butts in the seats.

While the fact that anyone in Major League Baseball takes steroids is bad, the finger-pointing and "guilty until proven innocent" mentality of the public in this past week is unacceptable, as well. Could stars like Barry Bonds, Jeff Bagwell, and Sammy Sosa be on the substances? Sure. But do we know? No. Personally, I think that the overwhelming majority of major league players on steroids are the players who need to stay on a major league roster to take care of their family and any other financial burden that a player might be in.

Then again, the passing of drug tests are the only way that we will know for sure.



Revisiting the new articles for the week of 05/27/02 - 06/02/02:


NHL: The aftermath of the collapse
By Josie Lemieux

The final Avs/Wings game was supposed to be a tight and memorable one. The first two minutes were thrilling. After 12 minutes into the first period, a Detroit fan proudly shows a poster: Roy, Book Your Tee Time. It was 4-0. The Wings kept on going. And Patrick Roy abdicated in one of the most excruciating games in Avalanche history.



NBA: Guard trades have lasting effects
By Piet Van Leer

The competitiveness of the Kings with the Lakers this year has been credited in large part to the subtraction of Jason Williams and the addition of Mike Bibby. The Nets also traded point guards in the offseason, but somehow, Stephon Marbury has avoided the stigma that "White Chocolate" cannot shake. Why is that?



COLUMN: Amico Report: Short shots
By Sam Amico

In the latest Amico Report, hoops aficionado Sam Amico shares some thoughts he has jotted down during the heat of the NBA conference finals. Also: trashing the Cavs, answers to your e-mail, and Sam's Slams.



MLB: Major League scandal
By Clay Allen

Ken Caminiti dealt Major League Baseball a heavy blow by claiming 50
percent of players use steroids. Will the League ever learn that the
fans must come first, or it will it flounder to protect the players
under Caminiti's confession? SC's Clay Allen takes a deeper look.



TENNIS: Viva La France!
By Tom Kosinski

SC's Tom Kosinski takes a quick look at the French Open in progress, and makes some interesting predictions for the rest of Roland Garros. And once again, Tom takes on the mighty Pete Sampras.



COLUMN: Jock Strip: "Piazza's Mound"
By Greg Turner and Ken Karl

The Jock Strip is a sports editorial cartoon series "for the athletic
supporter" and is the creation of Portland, Oregon's Greg Turner and St.Louis, Missouri's Ken Karl.



NBA: War in the West
By Mike Round

The Lakers/Kings matchup for the Western Conference title has had it all. Now it's down to a best-of-three series, starting Tuesday night at the noisy Arco Center, and still, no one is sure who's going to prevail. Hopefully the Kings, because the game needs someone to pop that Laker bubble.



NFL: This year's worst to first
By Patrick Moran

The new-look Buffalo Bills could be this year's team to go from worst to first. Following in the footsteps of New England, Baltimore, and St. Louis, all of who had losing records before winning the Super Bowl the next season, the Bills look to surprise in 2002.



GOLF: The Hotel Bethpage experience
By Vincent Musco

As you should know by now, this year's U.S. Open site is 100% public and carries a greens fee of just $31 dollars. Getting on Bethpage Black, however, is tougher than it sounds. If you want to learn how to score a tee time and experience Bethpage like a true amateur, read on, as SC's Vincent Musco re-lives his wacky time.



NHL: Media mistakes in hockey
By Lee Manchur

In his latest NHL article, SC's Lee Manchur sets things straight by pointing out some misused words in hockey broadcasts in the United States.



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--> Major League Baseball

By Ross Lancaster

St. Louis (31-24), Williams (2-1) at Cincinnati (32-23), Haynes (5-5)
June 5, 8 PM EST; Cinergy Field, Cincinnati, OH; TV: ESPN2

On Wednesday, the Cardinals and Reds will hook up for the second of a three-game series for control of the National League Central. The Cardinals were predicted to be one of baseball's best teams, and in May, they showed that after a slow April that they should be considered among the best.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati is the surprise of the year so far in the 2002 season, and even more surprising is the fact that Cincinnati went on their excellent charge without their one and only superstar, Ken Griffey, Jr. This should be a good game, but I see Tino Martinez, Jim Edmonds, and co. prevailing and taking over the NL Central.

[ Game Breakdown ]

Outfield - Cincinnati
Infield - St. Louis
Pitching - St. Louis
Hitting - St. Louis
Defense - Cincinnati

Predicted Score: St. Louis 7, Cincinnati 3


--> National Hockey League

By Lee Manchur
Record: 5-3

Last issue:
Prediction: Colorado 2, Detroit 0; Actual: Colorado 4, Detroit 3

This issue: Detroit Red Wings vs. Carolina Hurricanes
June 4, 8 PM EST; Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI; TV: ESPN, CBC, SRC

If the top 16 teams made the NHL playoffs, regardless of conferences, the Hurricanes would have been 1-point shy and be as good as pro golfers by now.

However, that is not the case. Because the division leaders are ranked one, two, three in each conference in the NHL playoffs, the Hurricanes made the playoffs by finishing with just 91 points - six ahead of their closest division counterpart, the Washington Capitals. In every series thus far, the Hurricanes were predicted by many to lose and were the underdogs in each one, a role they find themselves in again, but this time in the Stanley Cup Finals against a team that might as well have clinched the President's Trophy on the first weekend of regular season play.

Yes, the Detroit Red Wings are back in the Stanley Cup finals, looking for their third chance in six years to drink from Lord Stanley's mug. The Wings are clearly the better team offensively because they get production from all four lines. That kind of depth is hard to stop, but if any team can do it, it's the Carolina Hurricanes who play the trap and left wing lock brilliantly.

In order to win, the Hurricanes need to score a lot even strength and avoid specialty teams as the Red Wings are lethal on the power play and have also scored 7 goals this playoff year killing penalties.

Anyone who thinks this series will be done in four games is insane and desperately underestimating the Hurricanes. Wings will win the Cup in 6 game, starting with Game 1, this week's Marquee Matchup.

[ Game Breakdown ]

Offense - Wings
Defense - Hurricanes
Goaltending - Wings
Power Play - Hurricanes
Penalty Kill - Wings
Coaching - Wings
Intangibles - Hurricanes

Prediction: Detroit 2, Carolina 1


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(Thanks for reading! Next issue set to come out on 06/16/02.)

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