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Default Silver Dragon's Week 16 Picks

As the regular season nears an end, our playoff picture is just about complete. Itís these weeks that make picking a winner a little more difficult. Will certain teams bench their starters for the playoffs? Will the eliminated play the part of spoiler? Do the teams walking the line cement their post season slot or fall from it? And then there are the games that have no meaning one way or another, a game of pride or bragging rights between teams as they begin to look toward next season.

Had there been a pick analysis playoff, I think I would have been eliminated this season. Another sub par week finds me at 8-8. This gives me a season total of 134-90 (.598) and drops me below .600. Only two weeks left to correct that, letís get to it.

Thursday, December 20th 2007

Pittsburgh Steelers(9-5) at St. Louis Rams(3-11) 8:15PM
After two losses in a row and finding themselves in danger of losing control of the AFC North, the Steelers enter into a need to win situation as they travel to St Louis to open up Week 16. This should be an easy win for the strong Steelers defense, but this season has been full of upsets, and the Steelers have already seen a few.
Steelers play as they should and win in their race to hold onto the AFC North

Saturday, December 22nd 2007

Dallas Cowboys(12-2) at Carolina Panthers(6-8) 8:15PM
Panthers have struggled gaining the wins that they have this season while Dallas has been on top of NFC all season. After falling to Philadelphia last week the Cowboys will be looking for a bounce back game. Sorry Tony Romo, that means leaving your girlfriend Jessica Simpson at home. Whether his girlfriends are a curse on his game or not, why risk it?
Dallas dominates on the road

Sunday, December 23rd 2007

Cleveland Browns(9-5) at Cincinnati Bengals(5-9) 1:00PM
The Browns managed to claim the win last week, even if they couldnít tell where they were on the field. This week they travel to Cincinnati where, weather permitting, we could see a shoot out through the air between quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Carson Palmer. Cleveland already won the first match up, and Anderson has thrown more touchdowns and less interception than Palmer for their season totals.
Browns outscore Cincy

Green Bay Packers(12-2) at Chicago Bears(5-9) 1:00PM
The Packers have suddenly found themselves in position one game out of home field throughout the playoffs. By winning the remainder of their games and hoping for a Dallas lose they can pave the road to the Super Bowl through Lambeau. Brett Favre would like nothing better and the Bears offense couldnít possibly keep up with him.
Packers keep their hopes alive for home field

Houston Texans(7-7) at Indianapolis Colts(12-2) 1:00PM
Peyton Manning and the Colts have a way of making you wonder just how good they are. In a match up where they should dominate, they just hold on to win. However, how much does it matter how you win, as long as itís a win and the Colts have twelve of them. Sage Rosenfels and Mario Williams ended Denverís playoff hopes last week only to have there own ended. It wonít be possible for Houston to take anything away for Indy in this match up, but theyíll be looking for the win regardless. Unfortunately for them, I donít think the Colts will sit their starters right away this week.
Colts win by a field goal as Manning doesnít play the whole game.

Kansas City Chiefs(4-10) at Detroit Lions(6-8) 1:00PM
Tough pick!!! The Lions, who started the season strong have since lost six games in a row, but the Chiefs have them beat, having lost seven in a row. Good news? One of these teams is about to break their losing streak!!! Who gets to celebrate at the end of this match up? Iím going to have to give this one to the home team.
Lions break their losing streak

New York Giants(9-5) at Buffalo Bills(7-7) 1:00PM
Buffalo has been eliminated from the playoffs, after week 17 they will go home and start to think about next year. However, they find themselves in a position to have an impact on those that will make the playoffs in the NFC. With the energy of their home crowd, the error prone Eli Manning, and the Giants loss of Jeremy ShockeyÖ
Bills give the Giants a reason to sweat

Oakland Raiders(4-10) at Jacksonville Jaguars(10-4) 1:00PM
The Raiders attempted to make a run at Indy last week but failed at the sound of the final whistle. Now they will try their hand against to also dominate Jaguars in sunny Florida. Given the losing record of the Raiders, and the Jet lag of traveling from one coast to the other, Iím going to give a dominate win to Jacksonville.
Jaguars fend off the Raiders

Philadelphia Eagles(6-8) at New Orleans Saints(7-7) 1:00PM
The Eagles played a fantastic game against Dallas last week to open up home field hopes for Green Bay. Unfortunately, that win was unable to keep them alive in the playoff race and they have been eliminated. Will they play the spoiler for the Saints? New Orleans desperately needs this win if they want to hold any hopes of a post season. Hereís a rumor of interest, with post season elimination the Eagles could bench Donovan McNabb for rookie Kevin Kolb. Hmmm, interesting.
Saints cling to their playoff hopes

Atlanta Falcons(3-11) at Arizona Cardinals(6-8) 4:05PM
As if the Falcons havenít had enough headaches this season, Bob Petrino couldnít even have the dignity to finish the season with his team. At least they have a better record than Miami. This week they will take their woes to Arizona, where at least they can mope in the sun. Neither team has anything to gain or lose in this match up as neither team will see the post season from anywhere other than their couch at home.
Cardinals win as they attempt to get one game away from a .500 season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(9-5) at San Francisco 49ers(4-10) 4:05PM
Having wrapped up their division, the Buccaneers will travel to San Francisco this week to go head to head with the 49ers. The Niners would like nothing better than to take a win for the sake of pride, but I donít think Tampa is ready to gear down this week.
Buccaneers win on the road

Baltimore Ravens(4-10) at Seattle Seahawks(9-5) 4:15PM
The Ravens have lost several heartbreakers this season losing by 3 to Arizona, 2 to the Niners, called out of the locker room to lose to Cleveland by 3, 3 points from upsetting New England, and then find defeat to a winless Miami team while losing Ray Lewis to a broken left hand. Somehow I donít see good things this week for the Ravens as they increase their losing streak to nine.
Seahawks thankful Lewis is out, add another win

Miami Dolphins(1-13) at New England Patriots(14-0) 4:15PM
To sit or to play, that is the question? Tom Brady and the Patriots already have a chest full of Super Bowl rings, so which is more enticing this season, another Super Bowl ring or the perfect season that will rewrite the record books? I have to believe that both Bill Bilichick and Tom Brady both want the perfect season. No one sits this week and the Dolphins donít end the Patriots win streak.
Patriots in the race for perfection

New York Jets(3-11) at Tennessee Titans(8-6) 4:15PM
Tennessee is the only team remaining in the AFC on the outside looking in that hasnít been mathematically eliminated. So they will be taking this game seriously as the Jets will no doubt be looking to play the spoiler. Although Tennessee may very well find themselves eliminated by kickoff, they will come to play
Titans win at home

Sunday, December 23rd 2007 Sunday Night Football

Washington Redskins(7-7) at Minnesota Vikings(8-6) 8:15PM
This game promises to be one of the best match ups of the week. The Redskins are on the outside looking in. As luck would have it, they travel to Minnesota this week to stand before the team that occupies the number six slot they want to be in.
Vikings push forward into the playoffs

Monday, December 24th 2007 Monday Night Football

Denver Broncos(6-8) at San Diego Chargers(9-5) 8:30PM
All I want for Christmas is a Broncos Win!!!
Thereíll be rooting and thereíll be cheering as my Broncos take the field, but filled with holes and defensive woes our seasons end is near. No playoff hopes as Dre Bly chokes and Baileyís beat down field, canít stop the run as fans ho hum, and fight away a tear. But allís not sad, Cutlers not bad, thereís hope for future cheers, weíll root on through these last two games and claim a rebuilding year.
Chargers maintain their roll to win this second match up

--Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!
And the picks are in and I can only hope for improvement this week. As Iíve found a bit of struggle in these last few weeks, I can only choose to quote Terry Bradshaw this week as he commented, ďI may be dumb, but Iím not stupid.Ē Gonna have to see some improvement this week. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
-Silver Dragon
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Silver Dragon
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Once again, I have waited till the last moment to get my picks posted. With less than an hour to go before the Thursday Night Kickoff, I will once again make this short and sweet. Not that much explanation should be needed. That’s all given in my straight up picks. I’m a little nervous this week as I seem to be heavily picked on the favorites to make the spread. We’ll have to wait and see.
Thursday, December 20, 2007
Pittsburgh Steelers -8
St. Louis Rams
Saturday, December 22, 2007
Dallas Cowboys -11
Carolina Panthers
Sunday, December 23, 2007
Cleveland Browns -3
Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers -9
Chicago Bears
Houston Texans +7
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions -5
New York Giants
Buffalo Bills +3
Oakland Raiders
Jacksonville Jaguars -14
Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints -3.5
Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals -10.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6
San Francisco 49ers
Miami Dolphins +22
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Seattle Seahawks (Pick)
New York Jets +8.5
Tennessee Titans
Sunday, December 23, 2007 Sunday Night Football
Washington Redskins +6.5
Minnesota Vikings
Monday, December 24, 2007 Monday Night Football
Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers -9
Once again, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, may they be good to you and yours. Bring on the football!!!
-Silver Dragon
:redhot: Silver Dragon Says:redhot:
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage (Originally from The Dungeonmaster)
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