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Would you rather see teams like Jordan's Bulls or Jeter's Yankees winning every year? Or would you like great players spread out on all of the teams and have pretty even competition, where you'll never know who may win and who may lose.

To tell you the truth, I'm sick of seeing teams like the Blazers have gobs and gobs of great players, while teams like the Bulls NOW have almost nobody. If the Blazers WERE to find someway to pull together, they could almost be unstoppable. I don't really think its too good for the game. (It's another reason I like football's hard cap, but that's a whole nother post which has been analyzed and overanalyzed a thousand times.)

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I think dynasties are good - to a certain extint. When you when as much as the Yankees, it starts HURTING the league, but having repeat champions isn't too bad. And in the NBA's case, didn't it prosper during the Bulls' run?
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Dynasties are good.

But, Marc, the Bulls won 6 out of 8 (or 7?) years and I sure didn't hear much complaining. The Yankees win 4 out of 5 and here comes the player hating. In fact, we were hated after we won the first one, just jealousy I guess.
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I agree with Marc. I like repeat championships but after a team wins 4 or more times in a row, something isn't right. Plus, it gets boring. The reason I don't like the Yankees is because they have so much money and just keep winning all the time. If someone gets injured on their team, they can replace thme pretty easily.

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Dynasties are a good thing, depending on your definition of them.... Sports Illustrated defines a dynasty as "A franchise that everybody loves to hate... How to get hated? Win too much."

Now, what is the definition of "winning too much?" Well, SI, in their "Greatest Teams" collector's issues, the ONLY dynasties they mention are the New York Yankees, Montreal Canadiens, and Boston Celtics. So, you have to assume that SI believes that to be a "dynasty," you have to have a reputation of winning over a large number of year. In the Yankee's case, it's around 75 years. In the Canadiens' case, that's over 80 years. (not sure about the celtics).

The Bulls don't have a "dynasty." They, as SI lists them, are a "team of the decade."... just like the Edmonton Oilers in the 80s and the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s.

The Yankees, having won 26 championships are a dynasty.... it's not something you become overnight or over a year or over a decade or over TWO decades. You have to maintain a reputation of winning over many, many years to become a "dynasty," in my opinion.

So, to answer the question, "YES," dynasties are good thing, because no matter what generation you're a part of, wheter it's 80 years ago or today, you either really love a dynasty team because they're your home team, or else you absolutely, POSITIVELY, HATE THEIR GUTS!!... it makes for good competition and something that ANYONE of ANY age can relate to.
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