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Dublin Mike
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Default Jason Whitlock is a MORON!


I know this is a basketball thread, but figured Id put it here so everyone could get a good chuckle.
Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
What makes insanity so bad? Just as too much of anything is bad, being too sane is definitely not a good thing.
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Marc will become famous soon enough

There are always people who are going to make race an issue.

At any rate, I will always root for Team USA.
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Where am I?
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I have to say that I hate this Team USA (and reserve the Dream Team label for a team that existed 12 years ago). I haven't watched and rooted against them per se, but through the group phase, I wouldn't have been upset if they'd been eliminated. Selection and training of this team are in DIRE need of review.

Still, I turned on the game kind of liking Spain.
But, Team USA actually swayed me. They played fairly well (but when they try to play from the perimeter boy do they suck, Marbury excepted today and today only) and by my understanding of the rules, got absolutely abused by the officiating. Duncan and Odom couldn't raise an arm in defense without drawing a whistle.

And then I started verbally abusing my television in the final minute and during the hysteria after when that pile of crap Spanish coach was whining. Worse, he blubbered about the game being played by NBA rules rather than FIBA. What a fu************.

I was urging Larry Brown to punch him in his GD nose.

And, that's how I became a fan of Team USA.
At least, till they play like crap again.

I understand the world is catching up, but I don't buy for a second the theory that the world has caught up. We have our third and fourth string guys on that court. We have guys on the court who've never NEVER played the game as a team. And certainly have players who've never played by FIBA rules. (The argument for adopting some of these rules has GOT to develop some legs after this debacle to date.)

These are facts. And they have nothing to do with race.

Does America hate the NBA right now? I think there's a decent debate to be had on the matter, but it's not at a zenith popularity-wise. I'm one of those who don't believe it has ANYTHING to do with the race of the majority of the NBA, and nearly EVERYTHING to do with the fact that a)most players just aren't that good at the game b)Shaq, for all his dominance, is bleeping boring to watch c)egos, the way they're made out to seem by the espn ethos, are a turn off to most people.

BTW, I hate AI and JKidd equally. So, stick it Mr Whitlock.

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Happy Land
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To officially debunk the theory...

my favorite players of all time...

Magic Johnson
James Worthy
Norm Nixon
Gail Goodrich

all black

The players I hate the most all time...

Mostly any player in the NBA today, regardless of race.

Thing is, I love guys who can shoot, play defense, box out, run a break, and grab a board, hence my " love" list.

I'd marry ( pending my wife's permission) an ailen, not even of the HUMAN RACE, if the thing could properly raise up and hit a 21 foot jumper in today's game.

It's not about race, it's about the fact that these ass&%#@# don't know how to play basketball, plain and simple. Thank God a TEAM won, and not these idiots. Naismith can rest easy in his grave tonight. His game has hope yet.
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