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Default Baseball Old History is so Cool

No Abner Doubleday did not create baseball. That is a proven falsehood now. A man by the name of Alexander Cartwright really did. He for sure created the rules of baseball. Doubleday was a Union General in the Civil War, but he was credited with founding baseball in 1839. He was suspose to be playing at this certain place, but he was at West Point when this was to happened. Cartwright got it going around the late 1860's. Now Al Spaulding is the man that really got baseball going with players and teams. He had the old Chicago team that became the Cubs like in 1900. Of course Spaulding is the creator or Spaulding gloves and bats and baseballs. Or he was at one time.

Also a reporter from the SportingNews magazine which has been around since the 1870's name Chicago the Cubs. He was writing an article and their old nickname wouldn't fit in the article and he wrote Cubs. People earlier had said they should play like a bear and be a fun team too. So he picked up on this.

The first great hero of baseball was Cap Anson-He played with Mr. Al Spauling before Spaulding became the owner and so on.

Next was Mike Kelly who was an Irishmen and a bad drunk. Drank himself to death.

I'm telling you guys you would love reading about the history of baseball.

You know why baseball players won't accept a salary cap because of the way players were treated in the late 1800's. Players were abused and misused by the owners. They would have a salary cap of like $2,000.00 even for the best players. Some players had to resort to stealing baseball and selling them to the kids to make ends meet. Crazy. They had to buy their own food most the time on the road and have another residence to live in. Most players were broke broke broke and even after 100 years the players haven't forgotten.

Plyers wern't even given their freedom until 1976 when the reserve clause went out the window. Al Spaulding created the reserve clause in 1876. Took 100 years to break it.

In closing the Chicago Cubs of the early 1900's was the team to beat. Joe Tinker, Frank Chance as player/manager and Joe Evers. They won the 1908 World Series and haven't won since-but Chicago was feared mainly from 1875 to 1912.

Read your history it's cool-oh by the way the New York Yankees originally came out of Baltimore. That is another story.

Read the book "The Spirit of St. Louis" or Wrigleyville to learn that history. Both books written by Peter Golenbock.
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Tinkers to Evans to Chance the great rhyme.

I really like baseball history. Its fun to see all the old records and players and compare them to the current players and records.
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I've always liked baseball history. The history of the Negro Leagues fascinates me. For anyone that is interested in this, check out the book "When only the Ball was White".
A website you might be interested in is:
They have all of the historical records documented well.
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Right on, Catman. In that book you'll learn about the best homerun hitter of all time. Josh Gibson slugged 936 homers and died in his prime, never getting a chance to play in the majors. Oh, and did I mention Gibson was a catcher?
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Some say Josh Gibson once hit a ball 600 feet.
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