Foul Territory: Sterling, Silver, Gold

* What Now? Does Rex Ryan Have a "Fut" Fetish? — The Portuguese soccer team visited the New York Jets training camp in advance of their friendly match against Ireland on Tuesday. Mark Sanchez kicked the ball around with Portugal's stars, making it the first time he's taken reps with the "starters" in a while.

* Red, White, and Boo, Ne-gate Expectations, or Jurgen-a Lose, Let's Hope He Has a PhD. in Reverse Psychology, or Confidence Booster — U.S. national coach Jurgen Klinsmann said it's "unrealistic" to expect the United States to win the World Cup. Klinsmann emphasized his statement with a chant of "USA — No. One."

* It May Be the Only Way the Jags Can Make a Splash, or Oakland Has the "Black Hole," Jacksonville Has the "Watering Hole" — The Jacksonville Jaguars will have poolside cabanas available in EverBank Stadium for the 2014 season. The team is taking out 9,500 seats in the north end zone and replacing them with a two-level party deck that includes two pools. Common knowledge says the pools are the only thing in the stadium that will be filled.

* If it Works, Does He Get a Feather in His Cap?, He May Not Be "Sitting," But it's Still "Bull" — Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon invited a Seminole medicine man to Tropicana Field in an attempt to break a slump that has left the team with baseball's worst record. It was a brilliant move by Maddon, as it's sure to create "offense."

* Cha-Millionaire, or the Old Man and the "B" — Donald Sterling changed his mind and will pursue a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver, revoking his support of the sale of the Clippers negotiated by his wife. In a related note, Adam Silver announced the NBA's "All-Defense" team.

* The Position Has Been "Phil-ed" — The New York Knicks named Derek Fisher head coach on Tuesday. Fisher won five NBA titles for the Lakers while playing for current Knicks president Phil Jackson. Reportedly, Fisher turned down an analyst job with the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network. Either way, Fisher is a "yes" man.

* Swing and a Miss-ile, or That's Just Manny Being Manny, or This Certainly Would Have Never Happened to George Brett — Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado was suspended for five games and fined for tossing his bat in Sunday's game against Oakland. Machado is batting .229 for the season, so fortunately, the bat didn't hit anything.

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