Foul Territory: Losing Sucks and Bites

* He Ripped Him a New Uno — Mexico's head coach Miguel Herrera went berzerk after his team's 2-1 loss to the Netherlands on Sunday, shoving Dutch striker Robin van Persie and accusing Arjen Robben of flopping. Unfortunately for Herrera, the Dutchmen can't take a long walk off a short pier without "taking a dive."

* Net Worth? Or Their Decision to Fire Drew Will Draw Fire — The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to send two second-round picks to the Brooklyn Nets for the coaching rights to Jason Kidd, and the Bucks later fired head coach Larry Drew. While Kidd raised a drink to his new position, Drew was made "toast."

* Howard's End, or Once Again, Extra Time Was Their Downfall, and Once Again, They Get No "Extra Time" — The United States lost to Belgium 2-1 on Tuesday in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Brazil despite a heroic effort from goalie Tim Howard, who made 16 saves, the most in a World Cup game since 1966. All in all, in was a very satisfying end for the U.S. team, especially for Landon Donovan.

* If He Uses His Recruitment By John Calipari as a Guide, Carmelo Should Be Well-Paid — Or Derrick Rose said convincing free agent Carmelo Anthony to sign with the Chicago Bulls is "not his job." Rose later reconsidered, and met with Antony on Tuesday. For the first time in years, he finally made a "play."

* King's Ransom, or When the Salary Cap Becomes the Salary Crown — LeBron James wants the maximum salary for next season, a number projected to be about $20.7 million. James has never been the highest-paid player on a team, and plans to take his talents to the bank.

* Luis Suar-Ez Never Going to Do it Again, or Toothless Aggression — Uruguay's Luis Suarez admitted he bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during World Cup group play and apologized. Suarez also promised there would never be another biting incident, an assertion supported by four out of five dentists.

* New Orleans "Aint" — Arbitrator Stephen Burbank denied Jimmy Graham's request to be declared a wide receiver under the NFL's franchise-tag rules. Burbank now has one more "block" than Graham.

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