Foul Territory: Draymond Green Edition

* Adams' Family Jewels, or It Was a Ballsy Call By the NBA — Golden State's Draymond Green was not suspended for his kick to the groin of Thunder center Steven Adams. When Snoop Dogg saw the play, all he could say was "Steve's Nuts!"

* The Place Not To Be — Exaggerator beat Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist to win the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. Exaggerator channeled his inner Draymond Green and "out-kicked" Nyquist down the stretch.

* This Hoser is a Closer — Canada's James Hinchcliff won the pole Sunday's running of the Indianapolis 500, one year after nearly dying from injuries suffered in a practice session. While Draymond Green "kicked it," Hinchcliff "punched it."

* Just a Pinch Between the Plaintiffs and the Defense — The family of Tony Gwynn has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the tobacco industry, alleging Gwynn was encouraged to use smokeless tobacco while playing at San Diego State University. A dollar amount hasn't been publicized, but lawyers for Gwynn's family have threatened the industry with the "Draymond Green Suit," and plan to hit 'em where it hurts.

* Litigate-Gate — Tom Brady filed a second appeal with the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in regards to his four-game suspension, which was upheld for Deflategate. Roger Goodell said if Draymond Green can put his foot up twice, then the NFL can reasonably expect to put their foot down twice.

* If Rex Ryan Has a "Foot Fetish," Then Whaley Has a "Foot in Mouth" Fetish:" — Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley said humans were not meant to play football. Oklahoma City's Steven Adams chimed in on the issue, saying that "kickers" were not meant to play basketball.

* Jacket to This- — TNT's Craig Sager will receive the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYS in July. Draymond Green is scheduled to receive the "Test T Perpetrator" Award.

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