Foul Territory: AB C You Later & P’s ‘N Q’s

* He Puts the "Back" in "Running Back" — The Cleveland Browns signed former Kansas City Chief Kareem Hunt on Monday. In November of 2018 while with the Chiefs, Hunt became the first player in NFL history to kick himself off a team.

* His Decision Came Out of Left Field, or Sounds Like He Has a Leather Fetish — Kyler Murray said he's "fully committing" to becoming an NFL quarterback, just days before he was scheduled to report to spring training for the Oakland A's. Murray is expected to be one of the first quarterbacks drafted, meaning he's on several teams "short" list.

* It's Called "Filling a Knee'd" — The Carolina Panthers re-signed safety Eric Reid to a three-year deal worth approximately $22 million. The NFL wants Reid to be on his best behavior. In other words, they want him to mind his "Q's," and the league will handle his "P's."

* Now That That's Out of the Way, Westbrook Can Really Focus on Chasing That Wilt Chamberlain Record That Involves 10,000 Women — Russell Westbrook broke Wilt Chamberlain's NBA record with his 10th consecutive triple-double in Oklahoma City's 120-111 win over Portland on Monday night. Chamberlain set the record in 1968, when Chamberlain often referred to triple-doubles as "threesomes."

* Be More Like Mike, or if They Really Want to Impress Me, Spend Three Seasons With Dennis Rodman — Michael Jordan said that while James Harden's and Russell Westbrook's streaks of scoring and triple-doubles, respectively, are impressive, they don't compare to winning six NBA titles. In other words, Jordan called their 30-point games and triple-doubles, and raised them six NBA championships.

* With a Talent Like This, You'd Have to Call it "Great Riddance" — Antonio Brown officially asked the Pittsburgh Steelers to trade him on Tuesday, the same day he tweeted a farewell to the Steelers and their fans. So, it appears Brown will soon be traveling from Pittsburgh to some other NFL city, a voyage also known as an "ego trip."

* He Told the Ravens "It's My Way or the Elway" — The Baltimore Ravens traded quarterback Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos on Wednesday. Broncos fans who are incredulous about the trade can join the "Mile Why? Club," while those indifferent to it can join the "Mile Sigh Club."

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