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Four Teams That Could Crash the Party For March Madness

Sports PhotoAs we approach the NCAA tournament, traditional powers have every chance of being in the Final Four. But a wide-open season means that more programs without an elite pedigree could be around later. Complete Story

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Cinderella Watch List: 2020 Edition

Sports PhotoAs March Madness approaches, SC’s Jean Neuberger brings back the list of potential candidates to wear glass slippers and break hearts … and brackets, come next month. Complete Story

Previewing March Madness Contenders

Sports PhotoThe home stretch of the college basketball season is near, but there are still games to be played and jockeying in the rankings. Let’s take an early look at the top four teams which would likely be slated as No. 1 seeds in their respective brackets. Complete Story

The Baylor Miracle

Sports PhotoBaylor was once a program mired in controversy, as a program that lacked institutional control saw one player murdered and many others fleeing the program that Dave Bliss ruined. Now, as the Bears sit at No. 1, SC’s Jean Neuberger marvels at Baylor’s winding road to the top. Complete Story

College Basketball’s Curious Season

Sports PhotoTo say the least, it’s been a wild and unpredictable college basketball season thus far. SC’s Ross Lancaster tries to make sense of it and looks at a big statistical trend you might not have realized. Complete Story

High Sky Today For the Metro League

Sports PhotoWhile conference realignment has reshuffled the deck in the last decade, there were a set of changes 20 years before that marked some underpinnings. SC’s Jonathan Lowe reviews a conference done in by the first big wave … and what many of those former members are up to today. Complete Story

Who is UNC’s New Star Cole Anthony?

Sports PhotoUniversity of North Carolina point guard Cole Anthony has already made an impact on the new college basketball season. Anthony set an ACC record on his North Carolina debut and proved the hype is real. Complete Story

Wiseman Case is a Litmus Test For NCAA

Sports PhotoMemphis is making waves on the court and on the recruiting trail. However, as SC’s Jean Neuberger states, the case of James Wiseman is a thorn that the NCAA can’t overlook and the school must answer for. Complete Story

Note to NCAA: Grow a Backbone

Sports PhotoThe NCAA isn’t a legal body, but they can make it tougher for coaches who attempt to offer six-figure deals to lure recruits. SC’s Jean Neuberger explains why the NCAA should grow a backbone and get tougher on corrupt coaches caught in the act. Complete Story

Resilient Cavs Snatch the Crown

Sports PhotoA wild finish leaves the Virginia Cavaliers as the national champions. Following the game, SC’s Jean Neuberger provides his immediate thoughts to an instant classic. Complete Story

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