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Top Impact College Hoops Transfers in 2021

Sports PhotoThe NCAA’s transfer portal was officially closed on July 1st. The offseason transfer portal was hot this season as seniors took advantage of the extra year of eligibility. Who are some of the biggest transfers in college basketball? We take a look at some of the most impactful transfers so far. Complete Story

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Wrapping Up This Hoops Season

Sports PhotoWith the NCAA tournament over and the national title sitting in Waco, SC’s Jean Neuberger shares his final thoughts on what was a crazy year in college hoops. Complete Story

NCAA Tournament: Sculpting That Winning Definition

Sports PhotoHow does it feel to win the NCAA basketball tournament? The programs in this year’s Final Four haven’t felt that in a while (or ever). SC’s Jonathan Lowe peeks at what a title might mean for each school’s legacy. Complete Story

Sports and the Rites of Spring

Sports PhotoBaseball is getting ready to start up, the NCAA basketball tournament is going on, and free agents are being snapped up right and left in the NFL. So everything is slowly returning to normal again. That’s a welcome development, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

What Makes a Great NCAA Tournament?

Sports PhotoWith the long-awaited NCAA tournament now underway, SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at five things the very best editions of the tournament have to offer fans. Complete Story

The 68 Are Seeded: Initial Thoughts

Sports PhotoThe field of 68 is set, and SC’s Jean Neuberger shares his initial thoughts on the committee’s selections before March Madness begins this Friday. Complete Story

Futures Bets to Consider as March Begins

Sports PhotoMarch is here, and despite all the postponements and rearranged games of this college basketball season, we’ll soon have conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament to look forward to. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at four futures bets to think about as the month of March begins. Complete Story

Is One and Done, Done?

Sports PhotoThe era of teams loaded with talented freshmen winning titles seems to be going away. SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the newest trend of program building that seems to be taking the college game over. Complete Story

An NCAA Tournament Without the Blue Devils or Big Blue?

Sports PhotoSelection Sunday is still weeks away, but college hoops bluebloods Duke and Kentucky have a lot of work to do if either is to feature in March Madness. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at how rare this would be and if it’s a possible preview of the future. Complete Story

There Will Be Madness

Sports PhotoThere won’t be objections about finishing the college basketball season this March. SC’s Jean Neuberger discusses why this year’s March Madness, even in a one-state bubble with no fans, will move forward. Complete Story

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