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Women’s College Hoops is More Popular Than Men’s?

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks at why asking if women’s college basketball has overtaken men’s college basketball might be a bit of a misguided question. Read on to find out. Complete Story

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No Need to Squeeze in Any More

Sports PhotoThere’s been some chatter involving the NCAA tournament, and SC’s Jonathan Lowe isn’t a fan. He explains his hope that the biggest “win” doesn’t occur off the court. Complete Story

Abolish the NIT, Expand the NCAA

Sports PhotoThe record of mergers in sports is actually better than most people realize. SC’s Anthony Brancato asks, are you game for one more? Here’s why you should be. Complete Story

Will We See a Breakthrough NCAA Champion in 2024?

Sports PhotoWith Selection Sunday on the horizon, SC’s Ross Lancaster takes a look at nine non-blue blood programs that are national championship contenders this season. Complete Story

The Frenzied Forebarer

Sports PhotoIf the chase for tourney bids wasn’t enough to peak your interest, some other storylines have jumped up before the calendar turns to March. SC’s Jonathan Lowe looks at all the ruckus and ahead to the leading questions of each tournament. Complete Story

Playing Poorly For the City

Sports PhotoThe NCAA tournament is a celebration that the entire contiguous 48 can take part in. But some of the largest population centers may be left out this time around. SC’s Jonathan Lowe goes through the lack of citywide excellence in 2023-2024. Complete Story

College Basketball Enters the Anarchy Era

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster writes about the upset-laden college basketball 2023-24 season to this point and why unpredictability is here to stay for the sport. Complete Story

The Rim Encircling the Goalpost

Sports PhotoIn the past, SC’s Jonathan Lowe has talked about how college football leaned its influence on college basketball. He takes another go at intertwining the two. This time, though, the tables are turned around. Complete Story

Final Four: Taking the Tourney Two-Step

Sports PhotoIt’s a state so nice, they’ll run it twice. The NCAA is holding both of this weekend’s Final Fours in Texas. To mark this occasion, SC’s Jonathan Lowe gives an overview of all the teams vying for Division I glory. Complete Story

It’s Time For the NCAA to Re-Seed

Sports PhotoBasketball is not tennis. There is no place for “the luck of the draw” in basketball. This is why the practice of re-seeding at the Sweet 16 and the Final Four needs to be implemented, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

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