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Final Four: Taking the Tourney Two-Step

Sports PhotoIt’s a state so nice, they’ll run it twice. The NCAA is holding both of this weekend’s Final Fours in Texas. To mark this occasion, SC’s Jonathan Lowe gives an overview of all the teams vying for Division I glory. Complete Story

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It’s Time For the NCAA to Re-Seed

Sports PhotoBasketball is not tennis. There is no place for “the luck of the draw” in basketball. This is why the practice of re-seeding at the Sweet 16 and the Final Four needs to be implemented, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

Has Winning Become Stuck in the Middle?

Sports PhotoAfter years of expecting a certain region of the country to raise the NCAA men’s basketball championship trophy, has the tide already shifted mid-continent? SC’s Jonathan Lowe remarks on the continuing trend and its possibly auspicious origin. Complete Story

A Commonwealth of Disappointment

Sports PhotoPreseason Final Four favorite Kentucky is having a rocky season early in conference play. Across the state, Louisville might be the worst ACC team of all-time. SC’s Ross Lancaster looks at these two Bluegrass State titans, how they’ve disappointed, and what they might need to get better. Complete Story

How NIL Makes This Season One to Remember

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks at the college basketball season, and why name, image, and likeness may produce a more compelling season than anticipated. Complete Story

The Goalpost Wagging the Rim

Sports PhotoDecisions made on the football field and basketball court can be completely different. But decisions made off those fields of play may be inextricably linked. SC’s Jonathan Lowe tries to sort through the blend. Complete Story

Final Thoughts From the March That Was

Sports PhotoThe NCAA tournament is over, and SC’s Jean Neuberger gives his final thoughts from a wild tournament, in which some conferences rose up, some slumped, and the Cinderella of all Cinderellas emerged. Complete Story

Impacts of Hardaway’s Alleged NCAA Rule Violations

Sports PhotoMemphis men’s basketball faces alarming allegations of multiple NCAA rule violations. Head coach Penny Hardaway — former Memphis student and NBA star — sits at the forefront of the alleged scandal. Complete Story

Final Four: Who’s the Bluest of Them All?

Sports PhotoThere are a select few that have earned the ability to crow about being among the elite programs in college hoops. But, as SC’s Jonathan Lowe asks, will the Final Four provide the ultimate bragging rights? Complete Story

March Madness Gets a “C” in Fairness

Sports PhotoIn only two of the four regions of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament will the highest surviving seed be playing the lowest surviving seed in the Sweet 16. This is just plain unfair, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

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