Foul Territory

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Foul Territory: Medaling Kids, Triple “Axl’s”

Sports PhotoAmerican teens get “board” at the Winter Olympics, while an MLB pitcher takes the “mound.” Peyton Manning puts on a helmet again, and the U.S. men’s hockey team gets off to a “Slo” start. It’s Foul Territory! Complete Story

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Foul Territory: Super Bowl LII Aftermath

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LII was a classic, called a “barn-burner” by some and a “pole-greaser” by others. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell reviews the game, the key plays, the halftime festivities, the commercials, and the fallout. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Balls and Ballers

Sports PhotoThe Cavaliers survive Draymond Green’s nut shots to win the NBA title, while the U.S. soccer team obviously has some “groin” to do. The 76ers select Ben Simmons, and is Major League Baseball coming to Vegas? Complete Story

Foul Territory: Draymond Green Edition

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, SC’s Jeffrey Boswell explores the impact of Draymond Green’s nut shot and its impact on the nether regions of the sporting world. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Fingers in the Air

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of Foul Territory, the U.S. Women’s soccer team conquers the world, while three fingers are casualties in a rough July 4th weekend for NFL players. Donovan McNabb gets busted again, and Donald Trump misses the cut. Complete Story

Foul Territory: A Bunch of Fools

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of Foul Territory, Jordan Spieth lives the dream, while Pete Rose’s nightmare continues. Diddy does some hardcore “rapping,” Phil Jackson opens his mouth, and the T-Wolves take the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Pasture-Rized Horses and Patriot Dis-Missiles

Sports PhotoTriple Crown winner American Pharoah is set to enjoy the spoils of victory, while Tiger Woods is set to be put out to pasture. A rookie throws a no-hitter, and Marshawn Lynch answers the Call of Duty. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Well-Oiled Machines

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Matt Prater now has a 12-game season because of a 12-ounce can, Tiger Woods ditches his swing coach, and Richie Incognito could be back in the NFL for a team owned by a Glazer, which rhymes with hazer. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Quarterback “Busts”

Sports PhotoIn this Foul Territory, the Cavaliers are shown the Love, a Hurricane quarterback gets busted, and so does Brett Favre, and Andy Dalton proves that it’s easier to make bank than make the playoffs. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Stephen A. Stiffed; Lawyer Up

Sports PhotoIt’s bad news for Stephen A. Smith and Donald Sterling, while Josh Gordon huffs and puffs in court. Also, Patrick Peterson cashes in, while the NBA does the unthinkable and adds another diva. Complete Story

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