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Foul Territory: “The Revision,” Cleveland “Brown”

Sports PhotoIn this week’s edition of Foul Territory, the Germans seize the World Cup, the Cleveland Browns introduce a new mascot, and Dwyane Wade signs a new “revised” contract with the Miami Heat. Complete Story

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Foul Territory: Losing Sucks and Bites

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, the United States takes a fall in the World Cup, while others take a dive. Elsewhere, Luis Suarez shows his teeth, and Mexican head coach Miguel Herrera shows his ass. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Cup Supporters

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Pete Rose manages, and the “Redskins” manage to lose their trademark. Also, Clayton Kershaw finds out there are two “E’s” in “perfect,” and one in Hanley Ramirez. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Sterling, Silver, Gold

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Jurgen Klinnsman puts the “con” in “confidence,” Donald Sterling loses his mind in addition to his team, and Derek Fisher agrees to a five-year contract with Phil Jackson. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Souled Out

Sports PhotoIn this Foul Territory, Donald Sterling gets “owned,” Paul George cries foul, and Tiger Woods goes off-course. Also, Johnny Manziel can say “hit me” in Las Vegas just as well as he can on a football field. Complete Story

Foul Territory: White Supreme Assist?

Sports PhotoIn this Foul Territory, Donald Sterling “owns” up to nothing, while Stan Van Gundy is “Pist-On” in Detroit instead of pissed off in Orlando. Also, Johnny Manziel will give you his shirt, only if you pay. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Shop Lifters, Black Listers

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Jameis Winston gets caught stealing, Donald Sterling sets “sale,” and NASCAR drivers get a slap on the wrist. Also, Floyd Mayweather makes a play for the Clippers. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Tarred and Featherbrained

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda gets banned, Mike Woodson gets canned, and Herschel Walker takes a stand. Also, an NBA GM crosses the language barrier, and the Kentucky Derby adds a catwalk. Complete Story

Foul Territory: “Free” Agents

Sports PhotoIn this Easter edition of Foul Territory, Chris Johnson turns on the Jets, Aldon Smith gets grounded, and the NCAA okays the buffet. Also, DeSean Jackson learns that there’s no such thing as a “free” agent. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Pins and Needles

Sports PhotoIn this Foul Territory, another Knicks guard finds the range, while UConn surprisingly receives two passing grades. Also, in an outcome that is hardly believable, the Undertaker loses at WrestleMania. Complete Story

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