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Foul Territory: “Free” Agents

Sports PhotoIn this Easter edition of Foul Territory, Chris Johnson turns on the Jets, Aldon Smith gets grounded, and the NCAA okays the buffet. Also, DeSean Jackson learns that there’s no such thing as a “free” agent. Complete Story

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Foul Territory: Pins and Needles

Sports PhotoIn this Foul Territory, another Knicks guard finds the range, while UConn surprisingly receives two passing grades. Also, in an outcome that is hardly believable, the Undertaker loses at WrestleMania. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Free Agent Frenzy

Sports PhotoThe NFL’s spring aerial assault has begun, with players and cash flying all around. Darrelle Revis is a Patriot, Eric Decker is a Jet, and Santonio Holmes is back on the streets. SC’s Jeff Boswell has the stories. Complete Story

Foul Territory: God Made Me Do It

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Raymond Felton pulls a gun, God pulls rank, and Aaron Hernandez gets pushed around. Also, Jadeveon Clowney posts a fast 40, while Floyd Mayweather hopes to make quick work of Marcos Maidana. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Crack to the Future

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Lamar Odom gets cracking on a comeback, and it’s all downhill for Ted Ligety, as well as Ray Rice. Also, Rick Pitino has a position on social media, and it’s not missionary. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Sochi Sochi For You

Sports PhotoDennis Rodman heads to rehab, Bill Belichick gets angry, and Vladimir Putin bristles at the though of reggae at the Sochi Olympics. Notre Dame sells out, and the PAT ponders its existence. Check out SC’s Jeffrey Boswell’s Foul Territory. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Piss “Pour” Performances

Sports PhotoIn this edition of Foul Territory, Phil Mickelson wins the British Open, Ryan Braun empties his trophy and medicine cabinet, Chris Froome takes a clean win in Le Tour, and a Gator gets out of trouble. Complete Story

Foul Territory: All-American Rejects

Sports PhotoIn this week’s Foul Territory, Alex Rodriguez gives an “A” sample, the Celtics’ new coach is not a doctor, and Joey Chestnut 69’s the field. Also, Jay-Z disses a rival and the Clippers resign Chris Paul. Complete Story

Foul Territory: High Heat and Low-Lifes

Sports PhotoThis Foul Territory finds chin music on PEDs, Tim Tebow on the Patriots roster, and Chad Johnson in jail. Also, Tiger and Sergio shake, Clemson’s rock gets rolled, and Brett Favre shows some love. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Feet in Mouth, Pot in Mail

Sports PhotoAdrian Peterson can’t stop talking about gays, while Gordon Gee just can’t stop talking. Tiger Woods is amorously eyeing a partnership with Nike, DeSean Jackson is a scofflaw, and it’s asterisks all around in baseball, says SC’s Jeffrey Boswell. Complete Story

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