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NFL Division Mini-Previews: NFC East

Sports PhotoSC’s Bob Campbell isn’t the only one longing for football season to start. In the first of a mini-series, he takes a quick look at the NFC East in preparation for fall. Complete Story

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“18 Games Lite”: Too Clever By Half

Sports PhotoA format of two exhibition games followed by 18 regular-season games has been used successfully and without complaints from anyone in the CFL since 1986. But 18 games with players only allowed to play 16? Complete Story

Can Even Nick Foles Win With Jags’ Receivers?

Sports PhotoNick Foles earned a starting job somewhere with all his heroics as an Eagle in 2017 and 2018. But did that “somewhere” have to be Jacksonville, where he will have the worst receiving corps that any QB has had to throw to in years, maybe even decades? Complete Story

Super Bowl LIV Odds: What They Tell Us

Sports PhotoWith free agency and the draft in the books, definitive seasonal propositions for 2019 are going up all over. SC’s Anthony Brancato separates the good bets from the bad ones. Complete Story

Super Bowl LIV: Brees Has Bone to Pick With Chargers

Sports PhotoOne respected NFL preview magazine is going with the Saints over the Chargers in Super Bowl LIV, which must be pretty disconcerting to some other teams — and to SC’s Anthony Brancato. Here’s why. Complete Story

A Hard Knock Life For Raiders Fans

Sports PhotoOn Tuesday, HBO announced that the Oakland Raiders will be the focus of their hit series “Hard Knocks.” SC’s Bob Campbell sets the stage for the series, while simultaneously taking jabs at the California-based team. I mean, can you blame him? Complete Story

Justice Not Swift For Tyreek Hill

Sports PhotoTyreek Hill could be the fastest wide receiver in the NFL — but justice is coming slowly for him indeed. One way or another, Hill is entitled to get on with his life. Complete Story

NFL Owners Want 18 Games, Dreadfully

Sports PhotoA league that suspends its players for substance abuse at the drop of a hat might be on the verge of doing a 180 when it comes to one such substance — for a price, SC’s Anthony Brancato reports. Complete Story

NFL Owners Punt on Overtime

Sports PhotoThe NFL owners had two chances to fix overtime this offseason — and both times they didn’t even vote on it. But then again, kicking cans down roads is nothing new to this hidebound crew. Look at pass interference — which, as SC’s Anthony Brancato points out, they finally did get around to doing something about. Complete Story

The NFL is Missing Out on a Major Opportunity

Sports PhotoThe NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans won the top pick in the State Farm NBA draft lottery last week. What if a future team wins the (fill in the corporate blank) NFL draft lottery? SC’s Anthony Brancato takes a look. Complete Story

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