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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 6

Sports PhotoBill Belichick deals with a case of mono(tone) as the Pats host the Giants, while the Eagles look to apply the ‘Fillet’ Special in Minnesota. The Redskins and Dolphins have a coin toss standoff, and the Lions and Packers battle. It’s Week 6! Complete Story

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Vontaze Burfict and NFL “Politics”

Sports PhotoWhat if both the NFL and its players’ union agree that the league would be better off without Vontaze Burfict permanently — for the selfish reasons of both, making a sacrificial lamb out of Burfict? That can’t be ruled out, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 5

Sports PhotoDak Prescott unleashes the “soup” emoji on the visiting Packers, while the Ravens defense cries “Nevermore.” Gardner Minshew invades Charlotte along with his emotional support jock strap, and Patrick Mahomes teaches the Colts a lesson. Complete Story

Should the NFL Put on Some Rouge?

Sports PhotoThe NFL owners are making a full-court press for the 18-game schedule, which the CFL has used successfully since 1986. SC’s Anthony Brancato wonders why the NFL doesn’t go all-out Canadian and implement the “rouge” like the CFL. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 4

Sports PhotoThe Eagles invade Lambeau Field, while Bills fans worship “Plywoode,” the patron saint of folding tables. Elsewhere, Houston’s Laremy Tunsil announces his “Gas Masquerade Ball,” and Antonio Brown insults the “elephant in the room.” Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 3

Sports PhotoThe Cowboys welcome Miami and the “SS Mutiny” to Dallas, while the Pats don’t give a “Falk” who’s quarterbacking the Jets. The Texans face a “hostel” crown against the Chargers, and Aqib Talib makes time travel versus the Browns. It’s time for Week 3! Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 2

Sports PhotoAaron Rodgers shows his “D” to the visiting Vikings, while Baker Mayfield awakens feeling dangerous(-ly close to being compared to Johnny Manziel). The Steelers host the Seahawks, and the Saints battle the stars and “stripes” against the Rams. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 1

Sports PhotoThe Bears host the Packers, Jalen Ramsey talks his way into Tyreek Hill’s head, and Kliff Kingsbury flaunts his minimal resume. Also, the Patriots host the Steelers and the lone “Killer B.” Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s predictions, now in its 16th year! Complete Story

2019 NFL Season Preview

Sports PhotoWill we see the Super Bowl matchup this year that we should have seen last year? Are the Cleveland Browns for real? How will DeSean Jackson do in his second time around in Philly? SC’s Anthony Brancato tackles these questions and more. Complete Story

NFL Network Preaseason Power Rankings

Sports PhotoPower ratings have never been an exact science, but the concept tends to make the most sense before a season starts. SC’s Anthony Brancato reviews NFL Network’s preseason power rankings, and finds only a few of them to be significantly out of whack. Complete Story

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