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Eagles Lead Sloppy NFL

Sports PhotoIt’s baaaaack! And “it” is the dreaded “parity” that first became noticeable in the late ’70s and early ’80s. SC’s Anthony Brancato, quoting part of a joke that got WABC-TV weatherman Tex Antoine fired around that time, says that you can’t do anything about it, so just enjoy it. Complete Story

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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 4

Sports PhotoIt’s Week 4 as the Bills battle the Ravens, while the “Big D” in Dallas is now Jerry Jones’ dementia. The Pats look for low-hanging fruit in Green Bay, Mahomes battles Brady, and Jimmy Garoppolo looks to “step out” against the Rams. Complete Story

Pro Bowl Was Living on Borrowed Time

Sports PhotoOne can probably count on one finger the number of people who are lamenting the demise of the NFL’s Pro Bowl game. But SC’s Anthony Brancato is not quite so sure that we have in fact seen the last of it. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 3

Sports PhotoThe Bills try to put the Dolphins “in their place” in Miami, while Lions fans can drink the Kool-Aid, but nothing else. Carson Wentz and the Commanders host the Eagles, and Justin Herbert tries to overcome a rib injury, as well as his training staff, says SC’s Jeffrey Boswell. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 2

Sports PhotoThe Pats look for a happy ending in Pittsburgh, while the Rams look to “act” like defending champs. Jerry Jones plays doctor in Dallas, the Titans try to get physical in Buffalo, and the Eagles and Vikings battle on Monday night. It’s the Week 2 preview! Complete Story

The Ties That Simplify in the NFL

Sports PhotoWhat’s wrong with a tie? Apparently nothing, at least so far as Texans head coach Lovie Smith is concerned. While many are criticizing Smith, SC’s Anthony Brancato is doing anything but. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 1

Sports PhotoThe Rams open defense of their Super Bowl win against the visiting Bills, while Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray battle in Arizona. The Dolphins tamper with the Patriots, and the countdown to Sean Payton begins as the Cowboys host the Bucs. Complete Story

2022 NFL Preview

Sports PhotoIt’s that time again: time to weigh in and make official predictions for a new season in the NFL. This year, SC’s Anthony Brancato has chosen to follow Damon Runyon’s famous advice: the race isn’t always to the swift or the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet. Complete Story

Risers and Fallers of the 2022-23 NFL Season

Sports PhotoSC’s Ross Lancaster looks at the teams that could be likely — or good betting value — to jump into the playoffs this season and touches on a few that might surprisingly not get back to the NFL postseason. Complete Story

NFL Preseason Body Count Keeps Rising

Sports PhotoThe sheer increase in both the speed and power of NFL players has rendered the “preseason” more trouble than it is worth, prompting SC’s Anthony Brancato to once again call for its abolition, citing the lack of any counterpart in college football. Complete Story

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