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Did You Enjoy the NFL “Offseason?”

Sports PhotoThe NFL wastes no time in turning the page on its calendar. Indeed, it has already done that, just two weeks after crowning the Chiefs repeat Super Bowl champions. SC’s Anthony Brancato writes that this is one of the best things about the NFL. Complete Story

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“Super Bowl Monday” Coming in 2027

Sports PhotoThree years from now, there will be a “Super Bowl Monday,” as Super Bowl LXI will be played on the Presidents’ Day weekend for the first time ever. But why not make this arrangement permanent? Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl LVIII

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LVIII takes place in Las Vegas, aka “The Interim Coach Capital of the Nation.” Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift lead the Chiefs against Brock Purdy, who hopes to eventually call “game manager, set, and match.” Complete Story

Free Jon Gruden

Sports PhotoAfter four years in the NFL wilderness, it is time for the NFL to bring Jon Gruden back from that wilderness, to which he was banished for sending decidedly “un-woke” e-mails. With malice toward none, with charity for all, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

Super Bowl LVIII Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoIt’s the Chiefs vs. the 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, and if you’ve got $20 burning a hole in your pocket, then you’re on fire, and need to extinguish your need to place a bet. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell presents the planet’s most comprehensive prop bet list. Complete Story

NFL Coin Toss Needs to Be Tossed

Sports PhotoToo much is riding on every NFL game to allow pure chance to decide anything. This is why the coin toss needs to go. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Conf. Championships

Sports PhotoPatrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson battle in Baltimore, where no one is “wide right,” but Andy Reid is “right wide.” In the NFC, the Lions hope a coach who looks like a bouncer can lead them to victory over a team whose coach looks like an actuary. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s predictions! Complete Story

Huge Task Ahead For Panthers

Sports PhotoIt doesn’t get much bleaker than the prospects for the immediate future than that which the Carolina Panthers face. What is likely ahead for them is beyond SC’s Anthony Brancato’s powers of description. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Divisional Round

Sports PhotoThe Texans and Ravens meet in a rematch of the regular season, while the Packers hope to either play like they did vs. Dallas, or have the 49ers play like Dallas. The Lions look to keep their dream season alive, and Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen battle. Complete Story

Browns, Eagles Got Robbed

Sports PhotoJust about every year, at least one team gets treated unfairly due to the NFL’s archaic playoff format. This season, it was two teams, Cleveland and Philadelphia. SC’s Anthony Brancato says that enough is enough, and proposes a change that is far less radical than what the NBA did in 2015. Complete Story

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