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2021 NFL Draft: Stallions and Scallions

Sports PhotoSome teams improved themselves by leaps and bounds in the 2021 NFL draft, while others did nothing of the kind. SC’s Anthony Brancato helps sort out which is which. Complete Story

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NFL Teams Partyin’ Like it’s 1981

Sports PhotoThe cancellation of the annual NFL combine due to COVID has left the league’s front offices flying blind when it comes to who they should pick in this weekend’s draft, making this the most risk-laden draft of late, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

17 Games: NFL Owners Still Making One Mistake

Sports PhotoThe 17-game schedule is all well and good. But why not play the Super Bowl on the Presidents’ Day weekend? SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why both the players and the fans would be all in favor of it. Complete Story

Top Prospects in 2021 NFL Draft

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LV is nearly two months in the rearview mirror and the NFL free agency period has begun. As teams look to add missing pieces during this time, the NFL draft is a chance to seriously build for the future with newly-eligible talent. Complete Story

Expansion, Realignment Mean No More “NFC Leasts”

Sports PhotoThe NFL caught a lot of flack when Washington won the “NFC Least” with a 7-9 record. Can they prevent a recurrence of that embarrassment? SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why they can. Complete Story

Introducing the Narcissist, Carson Wentz

Sports PhotoThree decades after “The Narcissist” Lex Luger graced the pro wrestling ring, “The Narcissist” Carson Wentz is doing anything but gracing the pro football field. And, frankly, it’s good riddance for the Eagles. Complete Story

NFL Survives Pandemic; Better Days Ahead

Sports PhotoRoger Goodell can’t award himself the Lombardi Trophy, or for that matter, any trophy. But here’s why he does deserve major kudos for being the only sports commissioner to deliver a complete season. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl LV

Sports PhotoTom Brady looks to hoard another Super Bowl ring, while Pat Mahomes and Chiefs look to stage an intervention. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the story, including biting kneecaps, a handy Robert Kraft reference, The Weeknd’s halftime performance (with special guests,) and a final prediction. Complete Story

Why Must We Wait Two Weeks For Super Bowl?

Sports PhotoOnce again, we are all being forced to wait an extra week for the Super Bowl to be played — and for no good reason. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why this is one “tradition” that is not worth preserving. Complete Story

Super Bowl LV Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LV is set with the Bucs and Chiefs squaring off in Tampa. So roll the dice, pawn your PlayStation, bet the house, and ignore your addiction, as SC’s Jeffrey Boswell presents the universe’s most comprehensive list of Super Bowl prop bets (for entertainment purposes only). Complete Story

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