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The NFL is Missing Out on a Major Opportunity

Sports PhotoThe NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans won the top pick in the State Farm NBA draft lottery last week. What if a future team wins the (fill in the corporate blank) NFL draft lottery? SC’s Anthony Brancato takes a look. Complete Story

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The 2019 NFL Season: Early Thoughts

Sports PhotoIt’s too early to make formal predictions for the upcoming NFL season. But with the 2019 draft in the books and free agency pretty much having run its course, things are becoming clearer. SC’s Anthony Brancato provides a “pre-preview.” Complete Story

NFL Mock Draft: Coaches Edition

Sports PhotoWith the excitement of the NFL draft coming up, SC’s Bob Campbell wonders what it would be like if teams were drafting existing coaches instead of players. Take a dive into this suspended reality in part one of two. Complete Story

For the Chiefs, It’s the Draft or Bust

Sports PhotoThe Chiefs exercised their right to remain silent in free agency, both when it came to signing free agents and holding onto their own. SC’s Anthony Brancato says they are going to have to speak up loudly when it comes to filling needs in the draft. Complete Story

Grieving Gronk

Sports PhotoEarlier this week, Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL. SC’s Bob Campbell breaks down the impact one of the greatest tight ends of all-time had, and what we will miss most. Complete Story

Yes, You Can Go Home Again

Sports PhotoDeSean Jackson returns to the scene of whatever crime he committed in Philadelphia, getting traded back to the Eagles. SC’s Anthony Brancato expects Jackson to be no less dangerous catching passes from quarterback Carson Wentz. Complete Story

The Steel City Saga

Sports PhotoWith the NFL offseason in full swing, teams are positioning their way towards a hopeful 2019. However, at least one team, seems to be on the decline. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a state of turmoil, and we’re just sitting back and enjoying the drama. Complete Story

The State of the NFL: It’s in Trouble

Sports PhotoOnce upon a time, the NFL and other sports offered a welcome escape from the strife of the world. But now that’s a fairy tale, and one that could have anything but a fairy-tale ending, says SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

Super Bowl LIII Aftermath

Sports PhotoWhere does Super Bowl LIII rank in excitement compared to the other 52? Did Sean Payton watch? What did we learn from the Super Bowl commercials? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the answers. Complete Story

The Silent Bowl

Sports PhotoThe biggest day in sports has come and gone, and the Patriots are your Super Bowl champions. Join SC’s Bob Campbell, as he watched the game on his couch all by himself. This is the Silent Bowl. Complete Story

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