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NFL Survives Pandemic; Better Days Ahead

Sports PhotoRoger Goodell can’t award himself the Lombardi Trophy, or for that matter, any trophy. But here’s why he does deserve major kudos for being the only sports commissioner to deliver a complete season. Complete Story

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NFL Weekly Predictions: Super Bowl LV

Sports PhotoTom Brady looks to hoard another Super Bowl ring, while Pat Mahomes and Chiefs look to stage an intervention. SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the story, including biting kneecaps, a handy Robert Kraft reference, The Weeknd’s halftime performance (with special guests,) and a final prediction. Complete Story

Why Must We Wait Two Weeks For Super Bowl?

Sports PhotoOnce again, we are all being forced to wait an extra week for the Super Bowl to be played — and for no good reason. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains why this is one “tradition” that is not worth preserving. Complete Story

Super Bowl LV Proposition Bets

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl LV is set with the Bucs and Chiefs squaring off in Tampa. So roll the dice, pawn your PlayStation, bet the house, and ignore your addiction, as SC’s Jeffrey Boswell presents the universe’s most comprehensive list of Super Bowl prop bets (for entertainment purposes only). Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Conf. Championships

Sports PhotoPatrick Mahomes and the Chiefs go head-to-head, and toe-to-toe, with Josh Allen and the Bills for a trip to Tampa Bay. In the NFC, the Bucs’ Tom Brady looks to take the next step in his journey to being mentioned in the same breath with former QB Trent Dilfer. Complete Story

Universal Doubleheaders in the NFL: Let’s Do It

Sports PhotoThe COVID-19 pandemic is just the thing to push the NFL owners make a long-overdue change — and SC’s Anthony Brancato writes what that change should be. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Divisional

Sports PhotoJalen Ramsey and the Rams answer to the Lambeau mystique, while Lamar Jackson hopes the weather in Buffalo doesn’t “drop a load.” Meanwhile, the focused Chiefs have a case of “Brown-eye,” and Tom Brady and Drew Brees battle for old times sake. Complete Story

Strength of Schedule: 2020 vs. 2021

Sports PhotoWill your favorite NFL team be playing a tougher schedule next season than they played this season, or an easier schedule? SC’s Anthony Brancato reveals the data. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Wild Card

Sports PhotoThe Bills look to make history (stop repeating itself), while Tom Brady chases his seventh Super Bowl. The Ravens try to eject the Titanic monkey from their back, the Saints host the Bears, and the Steelers try to take care of business against Cleveland. Complete Story

It’s Time For the NFL to “Cross Over”

Sports PhotoSince 1996, the CFL has used a “crossover” playoff format that makes it virtually impossible for a team that misses the playoffs to have finished with a better record than a team that made it. Here is why the NFL needs to move in the same direction. Complete Story

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