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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 4

Sports PhotoChicago’s Pee D tries to stop the Colts, while the Rams look for “home cooking” against the Giants. The Chiefs host the Patriots, the Raider eye patch gets moved to the mouth, and the Packers and Falcons battle on Monday night. It’s Week 4! Complete Story

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Which 0-3 Team Might Make the Playoffs?

Sports PhotoTwo years ago, when the Texans made the playoffs after an 0-3 start, they became the first NFL team to do so in 20 years. This year, six teams, including the Texans again, have a chance to make it two teams in the last three years. Will any of them succeed? Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 3

Sports PhotoThe Giants try to do more with less against the 49ers, while no one disrupts an offense like the Steelers’ D, or Antonio Brown. Adam Gase tries to avoid season-ending employment against Indy, and the Ravens try to run the Chiefs into the ground. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 2

Sports PhotoThe Rams bring their “horizontal” passing game to Philly, while Tom Brady deletes memory of his Week 1 performance in New Orleans. Cam Newton and the Pats visit Seattle, and the Raiders christen Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Check out Jeffrey Boswell’s Week 2 NFL predictions! Complete Story

NFL Players Ignoring COVID Rules

Sports PhotoWhen are rules not rules? When commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t feel like enforcing them. Plus Goodell’s priorities are, with all due apologies to Joey Fatone, most definitely not “in sync” with reality. SC’s Anthony Brancato explains. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 1

Sports PhotoPatrick Mahomes is money (to burn) against the Texans, while Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski look to go old school vs. the Saints. The Browns and Ravens battle to determine who’s No. 2, and the Packers and Vikes battle at U.S. Bank Stadium. Complete Story

2020 NFL Preview

Sports PhotoAs Barry Manilow sang, looks like we made it — to the new NFL season, that is. But what will happen in it? Will Tom Brady get to play at his new home in the Super Bowl? SC’s Anthony Brancato offers an outlook for all 32 teams, plus playoff predictions. Complete Story

Should We Be Ready For Any Football?

Sports PhotoFor the NFL, and for that matter, baseball too, it was business as usual, or very close to it, during World War II. But can it possibly be business as usual in the run-up to Civil War II? SC’s Anthony Brancato can only offer up some sobering thoughts. Complete Story

Does Nick Foles Have Another Miracle in Him?

Sports PhotoWith the nightmare in Jacksonville over, Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles moves on to Chicago. Can he win another such award there, in Super Bowl LV? Don’t rule it out, advises SC’s Anthony Brancato. Complete Story

Price Gouging, NFL-Style

Sports PhotoThe 2020 NFL Record & Fact Book is expensive — and that’s a fact. Why can’t the league go back to making this popular information source available to the general public at a reasonable price? Complete Story

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