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NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 13

Sports PhotoDeshaun Watson returns to Houston with a “tale” between his legs, while the Dolphins face the 49ers in SF. The Bengals hip thrust the Chiefs, Brandon Staley has a gambling problem, and Dennis Allen looks for a “Coach of the Next Year” vote. Complete Story

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NFL Can Build Better OT Mousetrap

Sports PhotoIt happened again last week, as Russell Wilson never got to step on the field in overtime, and the Broncos lost to the Raiders. This has to stop, and SC’s Anthony Brancato lays out a plan for how. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 12

Sports PhotoRyan Tannehill takes a stand against the Bengals, while Zach Wilson takes a seat for the Jets. The Chiefs’ two-minute offense should be enough to beat the Rams, while Lamar Jackson looks for explosiveness in the right places. Finally, Aaron Rodgers looks to expose fraud in the Eagles. Complete Story

Texans Open Clear “Lead” For Bryce Young

Sports PhotoThe Texans took a major step toward garnering the top pick in the 2023 pick when they lost their Week 11 game and the lone remaining two-win team, the Raiders, won theirs. But should they automatically get the top pick? No, no, a thousand times no. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 11

Sports PhotoThe Bills look to rebound against the Browns, while the Raiders suck wind in Denver. The Cowboys and Vikes battle … over who should claim Herschel Walker, the Chargers host a few of their own fans, and the 49ers and Cards face off in Mexico City. Complete Story

Tyreek Hill: The NFL’s Roger Maris?

Sports PhotoSixty-one years ago, baseball’s single-season home run record set by Roger Maris had an asterisk attached to it because of a longer schedule. Tyreek Hill faces the same potential scenario this year. SC’s Anthony Brancato hopes that it doesn’t come to that. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 10

Sports PhotoTom Brady hopes not to play like shite in Germany, while the Chiefs’ running game is not “rushing” to help Patrick Mahomes. Mike McCarthy returns to Green Bay, and Jeff Saturday “experiences” NFL coaching for the first time. Get ready for Week 10! Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 9

Sports PhotoThe Rams try to stick a fork in Tom Brady, while Kirk Cousins asks, “You like me?” in his return to Washington. The Jags welcome the Raiders to “The City That Never Sleeps (Because of Meth),” and Zach Wilson faces an experienced Bills defense. Complete Story

It’s “Cold Weather Time” in the NFL

Sports PhotoIt’s that time again: warm-weather and indoor teams having to play in cold weather, something that very few of these teams are good at. SC’s Anthony Brancato serves up the cold, hard facts as we enter November. Complete Story

NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 8

Sports PhotoA frustrated Tom Brady says, “this is getting old,” while the Patriots’ QB situation is “fluid.” Elsewhere, Steelers fans in Philly are pelted with bricks, not from unruly Eagles fans, but the 76ers, and the “Bills Mafia” faces the “Medicare Mafia” in Buffalo. Complete Story

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