The Cinderella Rankings: February

Sports PhotoThere’s been a few shakeups in our college hoops Cinderella Rankings since last month. SC’s Jean Neuberger lists his new top 10 teams who could cause a lot of shredded brackets next month. Complete Story

01.24.18 The Best Last-Place Game Ever? By Jonathan Lowe
01.10.18 The Cinderella Rankings: January By Jean Neuberger
01.01.18 Looking For the Big Score By Jonathan Lowe

The Hangover Chronicles: College Football Edition

Sports PhotoWhat’s the best way to recover from New Year’s Eve shenanigans? The College Football Playoff, of course! Join SC’s Bob Campbell as he discusses the two semifinal games from the comfort of his own couch. Complete Story

Foul Territory: Medaling Kids, Triple “Axl’s”

Sports PhotoAmerican teens get “board” at the Winter Olympics, while an MLB pitcher takes the “mound.” Peyton Manning puts on a helmet again, and the U.S. men’s hockey team gets off to a “Slo” start. It’s Foul Territory! Complete Story

02.08.18 Foul Territory: Super Bowl LII Aftermath By Jeffrey Boswell
06.23.16 Foul Territory: Balls and Ballers By Jeffrey Boswell
05.26.16 Foul Territory: Draymond Green Edition By Jeffrey Boswell

PGA Tour Preview: Honda Classic

Sports PhotoThe dreaded “Bear Trap,” the water hazard littered stretch of holes 15 through 17 at the PGA National Champion Course, looms menacingly. Named for Jack Nicklaus, many a contender has had his hopes dashed with an errant shot or a misjudged wind. This week should be no different. Complete Story

02.14.18 PGA Tour Preview: Genesis Open By Kevin Krest
02.07.18 Preview: AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am By Kevin Krest
02.02.18 Preview: Waste Management Phoenix Open By Kevin Krest

Twelve Steps to Improve Baseball

Sports PhotoLots of people have ideas about improving Major League Baseball, including SC’s Jeff Kallman. Follow his 12-step plan. Complete Story

02.20.18 Big Payday, Challenge For Hosmer, Padres By Jeff Kallman
01.29.18 My Son’s Idol, the Hall of Famer By Jeff Kallman
01.22.18 Doug Harvey, RIP: Timing By Jeff Kallman

You Be the Coach

Sports PhotoIn an attempt to reach his team, Warriors coach Steve Kerr made a commonplace coaching decision and everyone flipped out. Join SC’s Bob Campbell as he gives his two-cents on the media-generated issue. Complete Story

02.19.18 What We Learned From the NBA All-Star Game By Marc James
02.12.18 Cavs Go For Broke, But Will it Work? By Ross Lancaster
01.17.18 Handicapping an Intriguing NBA MVP Race By Ross Lancaster

How Often is Super Bowl-Winning QB the Best QB?

Sports PhotoFor better or for worse (it’s worse), quarterbacks are often judged by how many Super Bowls their teams have won. SC’s Brad Oremland tries to figure out how often the quarterback with a ring was the best at his position during that season. Complete Story

02.15.18 Can the NFL and NASCAR Coexist? By Anthony Brancato
02.13.18 The Patriots’ Problem By Brad Oremland
02.05.18 Super Bowl LII Review By Brad Oremland

Will the Penguins Win Three Cups in a Row?

Sports PhotoOn June 11, at the conclusion of a 2-0 win in Game 6 of the final, the Pittsburgh Penguins hoisted the Stanley Cup for the second time in as many years. It’s a feat that hasn’t occurred in the modern era of the NHL. But can they do it again? Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Daytona

Sports PhotoAustin Dillon’s last lap pass gave him the win in the Daytona 500 in the iconic No. 3 car. Darrell Wallace, Jr. took second and Denny Hamlin finished third. Check out the power rankings by SC’s Jeffrey Boswell! Complete Story

11.22.17 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 36 By Jeffrey Boswell
11.15.17 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 35 By Jeffrey Boswell
11.08.17 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 34 By Jeffrey Boswell

Neophyte Impressions of Curling

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane is no expert, but he takes a look at curling for other non-experts, highlighting what he likes (most of it) dislikes (very little) and the basics (way more than he intended) in the Slant Pattern! Complete Story

Super Bowl 50 Aftermath

Sports PhotoSuper Bowl 50 is in the books, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell takes a look back at Super Bowl Sunday’s contest. Is Peyton Manning done? What were the best commercials? And can Cam Newton recover from defeat better than he recovers a fumble? Complete Story

02.06.14 Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVIII Aftermath By Jeffrey Boswell
02.07.13 Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVII Edition By Jeffrey Boswell
05.11.12 Sports Q&A: The Truth Won’t Set You Free By Jeffrey Boswell

Djokovic Delivers Warning to Rivals

Sports PhotoNovak Djokovic has issued an ominous warning to his rivals and he prepares to make his return in early 2018. The Serb hasn’t played since Wimbledon, but the question is, what does he have left? Complete Story

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