One Whining Moment

Sports PhotoMany pointed to Shabazz Napier’s post-Final Four jabs at the NCAA as further evidence of the institution’s failings. But SC’s Corrie Trouw says NCAA critics should be more discerning in which grievances they build their case on. Complete Story

04.09.14 Tourney Learning By Jonathan Lowe
04.03.14 Final Four: Throw the Stats Out By Jean Neuberger
03.27.14 Sweet 16 Predictions By Jeffrey Boswell

Gay Athletes: One Day, It Won’t Be a Big Deal

Sports PhotoFormer Missouri defensive star Michael Sam announced this week that he is homosexual. SC’s Adam Russell looks forward to the day when an athlete’s sexual preference won’t matter anymore. Complete Story

Foul Territory: “Free” Agents

Sports PhotoIn this Easter edition of Foul Territory, Chris Johnson turns on the Jets, Aldon Smith gets grounded, and the NCAA okays the buffet. Also, DeSean Jackson learns that there’s no such thing as a “free” agent. Complete Story

04.11.14 Foul Territory: Pins and Needles By Jeffrey Boswell
03.14.14 Foul Territory: Free Agent Frenzy By Jeffrey Boswell
02.28.14 Foul Territory: God Made Me Do It By Jeffrey Boswell

Golf’s “Snitches Get Stitches” Policy

Sports PhotoGolf has a problem, and that’s allowing people other than officials to affect rules enforcement. It has to stop, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell says it will, with the unconventional yet effective policy. Complete Story

12.13.12 Looking Ahead to Golf in 2013 By Angus Saul
10.08.12 Ryder Cup in Review By Angus Saul
07.19.12 The Greatest Open Champion By Angus Saul

Sports Are Bad For Us

Sports PhotoThe biggest story in the new season of Major League Baseball just might be pitching injuries. SC’s Brad Oremland suggests that it’s not just pitching: at the highest level, all sports stress our bodies beyond their intended limits. Complete Story

A Modest Proposal

Sports PhotoFor SC’s Ross Lancaster, 2013-14 has been about as good as a regular season has ever been. But with the extremely unbalanced nature of the two conferences, it could have been even better. See what his plan is for reshaping the standings and scheduling to make a better NBA. Complete Story

03.24.14 The Race For the Final Playoff Spots By Ross Lancaster
03.17.14 Questions and Answers By Corrie Trouw
02.24.14 Five Games to Watch Down the Stretch By Ross Lancaster

The HOF Case For Ricky Watters

Sports PhotoRicky Watters is one of only six players with 10,000 rushing yards, 4,000 receiving yards, and 90 TDs. SC’s Brad Oremland argues that Watters deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame, and challenges fans to identify Watters’ worst season. Complete Story

04.01.14 Dalton is Bengals’ QB of the Future By Brad Oremland
03.25.14 Broncos Go All in For Manning By Brad Oremland
03.18.14 The Greatest NFL Triplets Ever By Brad Oremland

Contenders Face Early Exits in New NHL Playoff Format

Sports PhotoFollowing the NHL’s divisional realignment, a new division-focused format was announced for the playoffs. But while this format emphasizes divisional rivalries, it creates the potential for a highly skewed first round — and teams in strong divisions will be punished because of it. Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 8

Sports PhotoKevin Harvick became NASCAR’s first two-time winner, taking the Bojangle’s Southern 500 at Darlington. Jeff Gordon leads the Sprint Cup points standings by a single point over Matt Kenseth. Complete Story

04.09.14 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 7 By Jeffrey Boswell
04.02.14 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 6 By Jeffrey Boswell
03.26.14 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 5 By Jeffrey Boswell

World Cup Preview, Groups A and B

Sports PhotoSC’s Kevin Beane kicks off a four-part World Cup soccer preview, starting with groups A and B. Taken together, these might be the two toughest groups in the tournament, with Spain, Netherlands, and home-standing Brazil all involved. Complete Story

Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVIII Aftermath

Sports PhotoDid the opening coin toss decide the Super Bowl winner? Should Joe Namath handle all future Super Bowl coin tosses? Will Peyton Manning return next year? What does John Fox say? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the answers in Super Bowl Q&A. Complete Story

02.07.13 Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVII Edition By Jeffrey Boswell
05.11.12 Sports Q&A: The Truth Won’t Set You Free By Jeffrey Boswell
03.09.12 Sports Q&A: NFL is Too Bounty-licious By Jeffrey Boswell

Fresh Faces For the WTA

Sports PhotoIn Charleston, tennis fans witnessed the rise of a few younger talents who look to challenge the top women players. SC’s Mert Ertunga explains why the moment of their takeover is not only closer than ever, but also much needed for tennis. Complete Story

03.06.14 Early Tennis Season Notes of 2014 By Mert Ertunga
01.22.14 Interesting First Week at Australian Open By Mert Ertunga
12.26.13 The Greatest Player of All-Time Debate By Mert Ertunga


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