The Most Interesting Year One Coaches

Sports PhotoAs the college hoops coaching carousel for 2014 comes to a close, SC’s Jean Neuberger takes a look at the five most intriguing coaches to watch next season. Complete Story

05.07.14 The New ACC/Big Ten Challenge By Corrie Trouw
04.14.14 One Whining Moment By Corrie Trouw
04.09.14 Tourney Learning By Jonathan Lowe

2014 College Football Predictions

Sports PhotoSEC Media Days signal that the 2014 football season is nearing. SC’s Jean Neuberger has early prognostications in mind for the next few weeks to come. Complete Story

05.29.14 Time For NCAA Mid-Majors to Act By Jean Neuberger
04.28.14 SEC: Eight is Enough By Jean Neuberger
02.12.14 Gay Athletes: One Day, It Won’t Be a Big Deal By Adam Russell

Foul Territory: Stephen A. Stiffed; Lawyer Up

Sports PhotoIt’s bad news for Stephen A. Smith and Donald Sterling, while Josh Gordon huffs and puffs in court. Also, Patrick Peterson cashes in, while the NBA does the unthinkable and adds another diva. Complete Story

Golf’s “Snitches Get Stitches” Policy

Sports PhotoGolf has a problem, and that’s allowing people other than officials to affect rules enforcement. It has to stop, and SC’s Jeffrey Boswell says it will, with the unconventional yet effective policy. Complete Story

12.13.12 Looking Ahead to Golf in 2013 By Angus Saul
10.08.12 Ryder Cup in Review By Angus Saul
07.19.12 The Greatest Open Champion By Angus Saul

The Era of Having a Chance

Sports PhotoFor SC’s Ross Lancaster, there are four teams he sees as the class of the majors. But that doesn’t mean one of the four is winning the World Series. All but a handful of teams are still in the hunt in late July. Welcome to the era of having a chance. Complete Story

07.18.14 The All-Star Game: Groovin’ By Jeff Kallman
07.07.14 MLB Midseason Awards By Andrew Jones
07.07.14 Let’s Not Put the A’s in the Series Just Yet By Jeff Kallman

Grading the NBA Decision-Makers

Sports PhotoLeBron James’ handled his second free agency with less hype than his first, but the sports media certainly didn’t. SC’s Corrie Trouw hands out grades for how some of the story’s key media players fared on LeBron’s second decision. Complete Story

07.15.14 LeBron Makes Another Wrong Decision By Brad Oremland
07.09.14 What’s the Scenario? By Jonathan Lowe
07.08.14 If They Were All in Their Primes… By Brad Oremland

How to Do an NFL Team in London

Sports PhotoThe National Football League is committed to putting a franchise in London, England. However, travel arrangements represent one of many headaches to be solved before such a plan could work for teams. SC’s Brad Oremland explains how. Complete Story

06.24.14 Not Just Michael Vick By Brad Oremland
06.06.14 Secrets of the 2014 NFL Season By Jeffrey Boswell
06.03.14 Say No to the NFL’s 18-Game Schedule By Brad Oremland

NHL Teams Facing an Identity Crisis

Sports PhotoThree big NHL teams are looking to shake up the culture of their teams this offseason. Will it prove to be a successful paradigm shift or will it become a failed chemistry experiment? SC’s Mike Chen takes a look. Complete Story

NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 20

Sports PhotoJeff Gordon left the field on the final restart at Indianapolis and claimed his record fifth Brickyard 400. Gordon continues to lead the points standings as the Sprint Cup series heads to its second stop at Pocono. Complete Story

07.28.14 Nibali, Young Riders Steal the Show at Tour de France By Brad Oremland
07.16.14 NASCAR Top 10 Power Rankings: Week 19 By Jeffrey Boswell
07.10.14 World Cup Review and Finals Prediction By Jeffrey Boswell

The Father of U.S. Soccer

Sports PhotoJurgen Klinsmann doesn’t think the U.S. can win the World Cup this year. While that may annoy a few fans of typical coach blowhardery in the U.S., Klinsmann’s comments come in light of an enormous task he’s undertaking that won’t happen overnight: making the U.S. a soccer power. Complete Story

05.22.14 World Cup Preview, Groups G and H By Kevin Beane
05.09.14 World Cup Preview, Groups E and F By Kevin Beane
04.24.14 World Cup Preview, Groups C and D By Kevin Beane

Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVIII Aftermath

Sports PhotoDid the opening coin toss decide the Super Bowl winner? Should Joe Namath handle all future Super Bowl coin tosses? Will Peyton Manning return next year? What does John Fox say? SC’s Jeffrey Boswell has the answers in Super Bowl Q&A. Complete Story

02.07.13 Sports Q&A: Super Bowl XLVII Edition By Jeffrey Boswell
05.11.12 Sports Q&A: The Truth Won’t Set You Free By Jeffrey Boswell
03.09.12 Sports Q&A: NFL is Too Bounty-licious By Jeffrey Boswell

Roland Garros vs. Wimbledon Fans (Pt. 2)

Sports PhotoIn the second portion of this two-part comparison between how the French tennis fans view Roland Garros versus how the British view Wimbledon, SC’s Mert Ertunga focuses on Wimbledon’s fans. Complete Story

07.14.14 Roland Garros vs. Wimbledon Fans By Mert Ertunga
06.16.14 2014 French Open: Parting Thoughts By Mert Ertunga
05.19.14 Q&A With Co-Founder of Gallipoli Youth Cup By Mert Ertunga


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